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Greatly advanced
camera usability

4K movies

4K movie recording

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III captures 4K-resolution movie clips (3840 x 2160 pixels; 30 or 24 frames per second). The camera’s touch-screen panel makes it easy to select movie-recording functions and exposure settings, while the SR II mechanism provides its shake-compensation effect for movie recording.


Wireless LAN

By installing the dedicated Image Sync application* in your mobile device, you can use a variety of wireless LAN functions, including transfer of images captured by the camera (an automatic image transfer function is available when the wireless LAN connection is activated) and an automatic resizing function to reduce the image size for transfer. These function make saving and using captured images easier and more flexible. This application also provides remote control of camera functions using your mobile device.

Image Sync more

*Image Sync can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play™ (for Android™).

*Access the RICOH IMAGING official website or contact a RICOH customer service center for compatible operating systems.

Compatibility with Bluetooth Low Energy

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 for transferring the position data detected by
a mobile device to the camera via Image Sync and recording it on a captured image, making it simple to organize images captured in the field.

Wireless LAN

USB recharging system

The camera features a USB Type-C terminal for battery recharging using a USB power charger (standard accessory), personal computer or portable battery.
You can also recharge the camera from an electric outlet using the optional K-AC166 AC Adapter.

USB recharging system

D-BG8 Battery Grip

When installed on the camera body, the optional D-BG8 Battery Grip assures a firmer hold of the camera during vertical-position shooting, while greatly increasing the number of recordable images. You can recharge this battery grip using the camera’s USB terminal, without removing it from the camera. You can even choose the order of recharge between the camera and the battery grip for efficient battery management.

D-BG8 Battery Grip

Comfortable vertical-position shooting

The optional D-GB8 Battery Grip features a Smart Function button, Smart Function dial and AF point selector lever identical to those of the camera body, making vertical-position operation just as comfortable as a horizontal-position setup. It also features the same dustproof, weather-resistant construction as the camera itself, assuring outstanding, environment-resisting performance.

Comfortable vertical-position shooting

Digital Camera Utility™ 5

Included in the product package, this software lets you develop RAW-format images, and also save, edit and organize images recorded in JPEG or TIFF format. Supported by the acclaimed SILKYPIX® image development engine, it provides high-speed RAW-data development and a range of image-editing tools to apply desired finishing touches to captured images.

Main window structure(Browser mode)

Browser mode

1Navigation panel

2Control panel  (image data)

3Control panel  (shooting data)

4Control panel  (copyright information)

Main window structure(Laboratory mode)

Laboratory mode

1Control panel  (shooting data and history)

2Control panel  (image data and site map)

3Control panel  (Custom Image, white balance and exposure/tone)

4Control panel  (lens aberration compensation, noise reduction and rotation/shift)

A selection of functions to expand your photographic creativity


With the optional GPS Unit mounted, the PENTAX K-3 Mark III captures beautiful images of celestial bodies without the need for an equatorial platform. Based on the data obtained by the GPS unit, it calculates the movement of celestial bodies with great accuracy, then shifts the image sensor in synchronization with their motion. Since it captures stars without a streaking effect even during extended exposures, you can record faint stars as sharp points.

Depth-of-field Bracketing and Motion Bracketing

By automatically shifting the aperture and shutter-speed settings, these creative tools produce a set of three images with a different level of bokeh or motion effects.

Clarity Control and Skin Tone Correction

The Clarity Control function lets you control subject texture or image clarity by effectively adjusting the smoothness of the subject's surface. For instance, it emphasizes the glossy texture of metals, or the transparency of
a crystal-clear sky or splashing water.
The Skin Tone Correction function automatically recreates the natural texture and healthy tone of the subject’s skin, without affecting high-resolution images of the hair and clothes or the background.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

For a scene with extreme highlights and shadows, the camera produces a single composite image without any washed-out or pitch-black areas. Since the camera retains captured images as a single RAW-format file, you can choose the degree of the HDR effect, or turn this function off, during the development of RAW-format images.

Multiple exposure

The camera's Multi-exposure mode creates
a single composite image from multiple images, while you select the desired synthesis mode from Average, Additive and Comparative Brightness.

Interval Shooting and Interval Composite

The Interval Shooting function automatically captures a number of images at a user-selected interval. The Interval Composite function is a creative tool that synthesizes multiple images captured by the Interval Shooting function into a single composite image.

A range of image-editing tools

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III features a variety of convenient creative tools to edit captured images, including: Composition Adjustment for flexible trimming of an image (with a choice of an aspect ratio and the adjustment of the image’s tilt); Level Correction; and White Balance Control.
The camera also provides a choice of 18 digital filters (or 11 filters during shooting) to add
a unique visual effect to a captured image. You can apply as many as seven filters to a single image.

AF customization

With the PENTAX K-3 Mark III, you can select the desired set of AF modes and functions based on the subject’s motion, or the prevailing photographic conditions.

Auto Horizon Correction and Composition Adjustment

Taking advantage of the SR mechanism,
the camera provides the Auto Horizon Correction function to automatically compensate for the image’s horizontal tilt, and the Fine Composition Adjustment function to correct slight tilts — horizontally, vertically and in rotational directions.

Lens Correction

In addition to compensating for distortion, vignetting at the edges, and lateral chromatic aberration caused by specific lens properties, the PENTAX K-3 Mark III compensates for the drop in resolving power caused by diffraction, which results from capturing an image at closed-down aperture.

In-body RAW data development

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III provides in-body development of RAW-format image files, and saves them as separate JPEG- or TIFF- files. You can add a desired visual effect or finishing touch to a captured image by compensating for lens properties, adjusting white balance and controlling various parameters of the Custom Image modes.

Other noteworthy features:

• Live View (LV) shooting functions
• ±5EV exposure compensation
• Digital Level

A line-up of APS-C-exclusive lenses

PENTAX provides a wide selection of interchangeable lenses exclusively designed for APS-C-format cameras, including: the Limited series, which demonstrates the lens designer’s sensibilities unaccountable by numerical values and captures a true-to-life ambience; and the Star (★) series, which is developed through the pursuit of ultimate optical performance, and with a goal to captivate the photographer by delivering breathtaking image rendition. Unrivalled in operability and portability, PENTAX lenses come in many types —from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto — to meet every demand made by photographers.

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