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Always keep
K-3 Mark III handy,
whenever you want to capture an image

Compact body

In developing the PENTAX K-3 Mark III, PENTAX focused especially on superb handling and easy carrying — the most prominent features associated with APS-C-format SLR cameras. While making many functional improvements over the PENTAX K-3 II, PENTAX kept the width and height at the same dimensions as the PENTAX K-3 II, while reducing the depth (the space between the lens mount and the LCD monitor surface) by approximately 2.5mm. This slim design allows for a greater protrusion of the viewfinder eyepiece to make image-viewing easier, while realizing PENTAX’s design concept of a compact body size and easy viewfinder photography.

Compact body Image
Compact body Image
Compact body Image

All-surface magnesium-alloy body

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III’s top, bottom, front and rear panels are all made of magnesium alloy.
This lightweight, high-rigidity material not only protects the camera’s internal mechanisms from shock and vibration, but also creates the look of a solid, high-grade camera body.

All-surface magnesium-alloy body

Dustproof, weather-resistant construction

Both the camera body and the optional D-BG8 Battery Grip are designed to be dustproof and weather-resistant to prevent the intrusion of dust and water. When an AW- or WR-series lens is mounted,* they form a highly airtight imaging system that assures dependable performance even in adverse weather conditions.

*AW stands for All Weather; WR stands for Weather Resistant.

Excellent cold-resistant performance down to -10°C

Anticipating use in low-temperature locations, PENTAX has subjected the camera to exacting environmental tests at temperatures as low as -10°C*, while assessing the performance of its mechanisms and electronical circuits and measuring the precision of optical components.

*Battery performance declines as the temperature goes down. When shooting in low-temperature environments, the user is advised to carry spare batteries and keep them warm by storing them in an inside pocket.

Highly durable shutter unit

Installed in the camera body, the extra-durable shutter unit withstands a total of 300,000 shutter release actions at a speed of 12 images per second,* contributing to an improvement in continuous shooting speed and an increase in the number of recordable images.

*Measured under RICOH in-house testing standards.

Highly durable shutter unit

Dual SD-card slot

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III provides a pair of SD card slots. One of the slot conform to the UHS-II standard for high-speed data writing operation. You can save data files on two separate memory cards, with a choice of recording modes: Sequential, Duplicate and RAW/JPEG Separation. You can also copy images for transfer between the two cards.

Dual SD-card slot

DR II (Dust Removal II) mechanism

By applying ultrasonic vibrations generated by
a piezoelectric element to the optical glass plate in front of the image sensor, this mechanism effectively removes dust particles from the image sensor surface, and prevents annoying dust spots from appearing on captured images.

Outdoor-friendly monitor with the Night Vision Display function

The camera features an outdoor-friendly LCD monitor whose brightness level can be easily adjusted to the desired level: make it brighter during outdoor shooting in sunshine, or dimmer during nighttime photography. This monitor also provides a Night Vision Display function, which minimizes eye strain or fatigue after the photographer’s eyes have become accustomed to
a dark location during nighttime shooting, such as astronomical photography.

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