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  • WG Flat Adhesive Mount 2

    For fixing the camera to a surfboard or snowboard with a large adhesive area.
    Adhesive mount area: 75mm in diameter.

  • WG Wrist Strap Mount

    For attaching the camera to the wrist or arm during surfing, skiing and snorkeling.

  • WG Peg Mount

    For fixing the camera on the ground, to record camping scenes or check golf swings.

  • WG Helmet Strap Mount

    For attaching the camera to a helmet using a strap.

  • WG Magnet Mount

    For attaching the camera to metal objects using a powerful magnet.
    Adhesive mount area: 44mm x 41mm

  • WG Flat Adhesive Mount (three-piece set)

    For attaching the camera to flat surfaces using double-faced adhesive tape.
    Adhesive mount area: 43mm x 39mm

  • WG Handlebar Mount

    For attaching the camera to round pipes, such as handlebars.
    Usable pipe size: 20mm to 35mm in diameter

  • WG Suction Cup Mount

    For attaching the camera to a flat surface using a suction cup.
    Suction cup mount area: 80mm in diameter

  • WG Grip Adapter (usable only with WG-M1)

    For assuring a solid grip of the camera during one-handed shooting.

  • WG Angle Adapter (a three-piece set)

    For setting the camera at any desired angle.

*  These accessories may not be usable, or may come off, under certain mounting configurations or conditions. You are advised to observe all safety precautions when using them in your shooting sessions.
*  The sample images and mounting configurations shown above are simulated to illustrate the effective application of these accessories.

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