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WG Accessories

WG Magnet Mount


Accessory to fix a camera on an iron flat surface.


A camera can be fixed on a metal surface with strong magnetic power. Because of magnet, its adsorption power remains unchanged even if it is attached and removed repeatedly.

Applicable Models

  • WG-60
  • WG-M2
  • WG-M1
  • WG-4
  • WG-3
  • WG-2
  • WG-1
  • WG-50
  • WG-30
  • WG-20
  • WG-10


● Size of Adhesive Area: 44 mm x 41 mm
●Outer Dimension: Approx. 58.5 mm (Width) x Approx. 51.5 mm (Height) x Approx. 44 mm (Thickness)
●Weight: Approx. 86g

Installation Method

  • 1 Attach the provided camera platform.

  • 2 Mount WG-M1/M2 or WG Holder on which the camera is set.

  • 3 Set this accessory on an iron flat surface like a table.

When WG series camera, excluding WG-M1/M2 is used:

Since WG series cameras, excluding WG-M1/M2, cannot be fixed, always mount a camera to the separately sold "WG Holder O-CH1470"before attaching the camera.

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