Vladimir Tomashevich

Vladimir Tomashevich
Vladimir Tomashevich (42 years old) is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. From 8 years he is a professional photographer and has worked with some of the biggest companies and media like “Forbes”, newspapers and online magazines, “Audi”, “Unicredit bulbank”, “Deichmann”, “Porsche” etc.

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smc PENTAX-FA 77mmF1.8 Limited

The FA 77mm is one of my favorite portrait lens. It’s always with me. With this lens you don’t need any color grading. The reproduction of the colors and light give the picture a feeling of a natural 3D effect, which you have the feeling you can touch. I used it a lot in my work. For instance, when I have to make an impressive portrait-cover photo for magazine or billboard.
I often use this lens for shooting landscapes, specifically by night, in contrast to it’s purpose.

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by Vladimir Tomashevich