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Feature 5: Expandability and a design worthy of your trust

The tool of choice for people who really know cameras: GR.

GR Design: Excellent portability and grip feel

The GR DIGITAL III inherits a traditional design born to carry out the camera's true mission of always being ready for the next shutter chance and reliably recording the result. Keeping the same pocketable form and hand-clinging grip, careful attention was given to enhancing operability and quality.

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Magnesium body for superior reliability

A light and highly rigid magnesium alloy is used for a body that has strong shock resistance and durability. It also has excellent heat radiation and magnetic shielding characteristics, important features for a digital camera. This is a camera that can stand up to a photographer's "hard use," providing both reliability and high operation precision.

Expand the scope of your photography. Extensive line of system accessories

Expand the scope of your photography. Extensive line of system accessories

In addition to the 21 mm wide conversion lens (GW-2) and the hood and adapter (GH-2, φ43 mm), there are soft cases (GC-3 and GC-4 [GV-2 external VF compatible]) and an exclusive new external flash (GF-1)* which can handle TTL flash using pre flash.

  • *21/28 mm compatible external viewfinder (GV-1), 28 mm compatible external mini viewfinder (GV-2), AC adapter (AC-4c), and cable switch (CA-1) can also be used.
  • *Hood and adapter (GH-1), 21 mm wide conversion lens (GW-1), and 40 mm teleconversion lens (GT-1) cannot be used.


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Evolving to meet your needs and expectations.
Function-enhancing firmware

This is a camera to be used long and well so via firmware updates we regularly provide function improvements and newly introduced functions. GR DIGITAL cameras evolve in response to photographer requests.

GR DIGITAL III evolution goes on.Downloadable function-expansion firmware

As new upgrades to support camera functions are introduced,Ricoh periodically supplies firmware that can be downloaded free ofcharge. Visit the Ricoh Web site for the newest upgrades at:
BroadBand (77sec/7.5MB) NarrowBand (77sec/3.8MB) Windows Media Player

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