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FEATURE 2: Quick response

Well-honed quick shooting capabilities. GR understands the camera's mission.

4sec, F5.6, ISO100, EV-0.3,no trimming
4sec, F5.6, ISO100, EV-0.3,Full size photo; no trimming

Fast AF is strong in low-light situations

Smooth, quick AF is possible even in low-light scenes where contrast detection is necessary and focusing is generally slow. The excellent focusing response enhances shooting.

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Full Press Snap to grab that shutter chance

With this quick-shooting function, AF operates when the shutter release button is pressed half way, but for a one-push full-press, the photo is taken at a set focal distance. (1m/2.5m/5m/∞). This distance setting can be easily changed. Since the AF does not operate for a one-push full press, you will not miss the moment.

  • *ON/OFF can be selected. This setting is only possible when focus is set to Multi AF or Spot AF.
  • *Focal distance can be changed by turning the up-down dial while pushing the button.

Don't let that shutter chance get away. Pre-AF

Even if the shutter release button is not pressed half way, focusing follows the subject’s movement. The pre-AF action accelerates focusing time.

  • *ON/OFF can be selected. This setting is only possible when focus is set to Multi AF or Spot AF.
  • *ON setting consumes battery power faster than OFF.

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RAW evolution: Continuous shooting and high write speed.

With the expansion of buffer memory, continuous shooting of up to five images is possible even for RAW. This facilitates bracketing as well as the shooting of quickly moving subjects. The RAW card write speed has also been accelerated (under 3 seconds per image). These specs will help reduce your "shooting stress."

  • *When noise reduction is OFF. When it is Weak or Strong, the maximum is four images.

Freedom of expression with framing and light.
AE/AF target shift

Focus and exposure settings can be done at designated points on the screen. These AE and AF targets can be shifted either alone or together in order to do Spot AE and Spot AF. This increases framing and light-expression freedom in situations such as tripod shooting where the camera cannot be moved for AE or AF lock and macro shooting where precise focusing is demanded due to shallow subject depth of field.

BroadBand (77sec/7.5MB) NarrowBand (77sec/3.8MB) Windows Media Player

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