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Flash SystemFlash System
PENTAX-dedicated flash units not only assist you at night and in the dark, but also function as an auxiliary light source to simplify such advanced applications as daylight sync flash and bounce flash.
Finder SystemFinder System
Use of a proper finder is essential in improving focusing accuracy and facilitating image composition. PENTAX interchangeable finders are designed to accommodate a range of creative requirements.
Macro & Close-Up SystemMacro &
Close-Up System
Macro and close-up photography reveals discoveries and wonders undetectable with the naked eye. A selection of macro and close-up accessories offers you a choice of magnification and application.
Whether to make the skies bluer or to shut off excessive light, filters are a fast, easy way to create desired visual effects. A variety of filter sizes is available for your lenses.
Camera Cases & StrapsCamera Cases & Straps
A wide range of 35mm-format SLR camera cases and straps are available for protection and easy carrying of your camera. You can find the right case for your camera/lens combination.
Remote Control SystemRemote Control System
Remote controllers and cable switches let you release the shutter without touching a camera Üæeither wirelessly or via cable. Select the one that best suits your choice of camera or application.
Lens Hoods
Lens hoods effectively shield off excessive diagonal light to improve image quality and minimize annoying flare. Choose the one that perfectly fits your choice of lens to optimize its performance.
A host of user-friendly and functional accessories, including battery grips, spot meters and lens/body caps, is available to satisfy your specific requirements.

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