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Other Accessories[For 645NII]

Lens Adapters

Adapter 645 for 67-System Lenses

Adapter 645 for 67-System Lenses

This adapter lets you mount a 67-system lens onto a 645NII or 645N camera body, and offers Aperture-Priority AE operation.

• Autofocus operation is not available.
• Refer to the lens list below for compatible 67-system lenses.
• For close-up photography with a 67-system lens and a 645NII camera body, the lens must be mounted in normal position using a 645-system auto extension tube(s) or helicoid extension tube.

Adapter K for 645-System Lenses Discontinued

Adapter K for 645-System Lenses

This adapter lets you mount a 645-system lens onto a 35mm-format SLR camera body, and offers stopped-down metering.

Note: For close-up photography with a 645-system lens and a 35mm-format K-mount SLR camera body, 645-system close-up accessories are required.

Quick Shoe Adapters

QS-20 Quick Shoe Adapter Discontinued

QS-20 Quick Shoe Adapter

This adapter offers speedy tripod attachment and removal for medium-format cameras such as the 645NII, 645N and 67II.

• Easy, quick tripod attachment and removal of the camera.
• Magnesium-alloy body for reduced weight and enhanced durability.
• More effective reduction of camera shake than conventional models.

Dimensions: 65mm (W) x 85mm (H) x 16.5mm (D)
Weight: 67g

Soft Camera Cases

Soft Case 645 (black) Discontinued

Camera Straps

Camera Strap G (for exclusive use with 645 & 67; Body attachment fasteners included)

Lens Caps

Lens Cap F 58mm

Lens Cap F 67mm

Lens Cap A 77mm

Body-Mount Caps

Body-Mount Cap 645

Lens-Mount Caps

Lens-Mount Cap 645

Spot Meters

Digital Spotmeter Discontinued

(Case included)

Digital Spotmeter (Case included)

This compact, easy-to-read spotmeter is the ideal accessory when photographing nightscapes and stage performances where extra-accurate light metering is required. It features an acute metering angle of just one degree, allowing the photographer to measure the light level of the most important element in the scene with pinpoint accuracy, under confusing lighting conditions. Incorporating a high-sensitivity SPD cell, which is particularly reliable in low-illumination situations, it offers an effective metering range of EV 1 to 20, with a bright, easy-to-read digital reading in the viewfinder. Weighing only 250 grams, its compact, lightweight design assures superb portability and operability in a variety of applications.

Major features
• Accurate metering of highlights and shadows from a distance
• Pentaprism finder offering an erect, unreserved image, for easy tracking of active subjects and sports scenes
• Advanced metering system with an IRE scale, for use as a telescopic luminance meter
• PENTAX-original Super-Multi-Coating applied to objective and eyepiece lenses, to assure a clear, bright viewfinder image

Photo Lupes

smc PENTAX Photo Lupe 5.5X Discontinued

smc PENTAX Photo Lupe 5.5X

Featuring a four-element, four-group optics with PENTAX-exclusive lens coating on optical elements, this large-aperture lupe offers a wide viewing area and a long eye relief.

PENTAX Zoom Photo Lupe 5-11X Discontinued

PENTAX Zoom Photo Lupe 5-11X

With its 5X to 11X variable magnification, this versatile zoom lupe allows you to check every detail of an image at a desired magnification. It also offers an extra-long 14mm eye relief for easy viewing of the entire image.

Film Holders

120 Film Holder 645 (with Film Holder Cover 645) Discontinued

220 Film Holder 645 (with Film Holder Cover 645) Discontinued

Film Holder Covers

Film Holder Cover 645 (compatible with 120, 220 & 70mm film holders) Discontinued

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