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Finder System[For 645NII]


Refconverter 645 (Case included)

Refconverters 645

Attached to the 645NII's viewfinder eyepiece, this refconverter lets you observe the viewfinder image from above for effortless low-level and waist-level shooting.


Magnifier 645 (Case included)


Attached to 645NII's viewfinder eyepiece, this magnifier enlarges the central area of the image by two times to assure extra-accurate focusing in close-up and copying applications.

Focusing Screens

Interchangeable Focusing Screen 645N Discontinued

AL-80 AF 9-Segment Matte AL-80 AF 9-Segment Matte
First introduced as a standard screen for the limited-offer Custom Package, this screen lets you compose well-balanced images using its vertical and horizontal lines and nine rectangular areas.
AS-80 AF Center-Spot Matte AS-80 AF Center-Spot Matte
Standard with the 645NII, this simple screen features an AF frame and a spot-metering circle at the center of the image field.
AA-82 AF Microprism Matte AA-82 AF Microprism Matte
With a microprism circle positioned at the center, this screen assures quick, accurate focusing, especially during manual-focus operation.
AB-82 AF Split-Image Matte AB-82 AF Split-Image Matte
Ideal for manual-focus operation, this screen features a split-image center circle to assure precise focusing simply by aligning upper and lower images.
AG-80 AF Cross-Lined Matte AG-80 AF Cross-Lined Matte
Featuring 9mm squares across the entire image field, this screen is useful for subjects requiring precise alignment of vertical or horizontal lines.