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Other Accessories[For 35mm SLRs]

Mount Adapter for Lens

Mount Adapter K

This adapter permits screw-mount interchangeable lenses to be mounted on K-mount SLR camera bodies and used with stopped-down metering.


Mount Caps

Body Mount Cap K
Lens Mount Cap K

Lens Caps

Lens Cap F 49mm
Lens Cap F 52mm
Lens Cap F 58mm Discontinued
Lens Cap F 67mm
Lens Cap A 77mmDiscontinued
Lens Cap O-LC52
Lens Cap O-LC58
Lens Cap O-LC62
Lens Cap O-LC67
Lens Cap O-LC77
Lens Cap Limited 49mm (silver)
Lens Cap FA31/1.8 Limited (black, silver)Discontinued
Hotshoe Covers

Hotshoe Cover FK (for *ist)

Spot Meters

Digital Spotmeter (Case included) Discontinued

Digital Spotmeter (Case included)

This compact, easy-to-read spotmeter is ideal for photographing nightscapes or stage performance, where extra-accurate light metering is required. It features an acute metering angle of a mere one degree, allowing you to measure the light level of the most important element in the scene with pinpoint accuracy. Incorporating a high-sensitivity SPD cell, it offers an effective metering range of EV 1 to20, with a bright, easy-to-read digital display in the viewfinder. Weighing only 250 grams, its compact, lightweight design assures superb portability and operability in a variety of applications.

• Accurate metering of highlights and shadows from a distance
• Pentaprism finder offering an erect, unreversed image for easy following of active subjects and sports events
• Advanced metering system with an IRE scale for use as a telescopic luminance meter
• Clear, bright viewfinder with Super-Multi-Coating objective and eyepieces lenses

Photo Lupes

smc PENTAX Photo Lupe 5.5X Discontinued

smc PENTAX Photo Lupe 5.5X

Featuring a four-element, four-group optics with PENTAX-exclusive lens coating on optical elements, this large-aperture lupe offers a wide viewing area and a long eye relief.

PENTAX Zoom Photo Lupe 5-11X Discontinued

PENTAX Zoom Photo Lupe 5-11X

With its 5X to 11X variable magnification, this versatile zoom lupe allows you to check every detail of an image at a desired magnification. It also offers an extra-long 14mm eye relief for easy viewing of the entire image.

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