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Interchangeable Lenses

Wide-angle zoom lensesWide-angle zoom lenses
Wide-angle zoom lenses not only produce eye-catching wide-angle images, but also let you emphasize the sense of perspective by making distant objects appear smaller than they do to the human eye.
Standard zoom lensesStandard zoom lenses
Covering the most frequently used focal lengths between wide angle to moderate telephoto, standard zoom lenses offers outstanding versatility to let you capture a wide variety of subjects without lens changes.
Telephoto zoom lensesTelephoto zoom lenses
With their powerful magnifications, compressed sense of depth and distinctive out-of-focus effect in background, telephoto zoom lenses are perfect for fast-action sports scenes and dramatic wildlife images.
Wide-angle lensesWide-angle lenses
With their eye-catching perspective and expanded depth of field, wide-angle lenses offer a number of creative possibilities, including distorting landscapes or architecture from a close distance.
Standard lensesStandard lenses
Offering an angle of view similar to the human eye, standard lenses produce bright, true-to-life images, while compressing the depth of field at large apertures, or creating a pan-focus effect at small apertures.
Telephoto lensesTelephoto lenses
With their narrow angle of view, shallow depth of field and compressed sense of depth, telephoto lenses make the subject stand out by effectively throwing busy backgrounds out of focus.
Super-telephoto lensesSuper-telephoto lenses
Offering especially high magnifications, super-telephoto lenses let you crop out a portion of distant scenery or bring unapproachable subjects closer when photographing spectator sports and wildlife.
Macro lensesMacro lenses
Macro lenses produce well-defined high-magnification images of flowers and insects from only inches away. They can also be used as high-performance lenses in general applications.
Special-application lensesSpecial-application lenses
A selection of special-application lenses includes soft-focus and fish-eye lenses designed to create eye-catching visual effects and shift lenses to compensate for distortions in architectural photography.
Adapters and convertersAdapters and converters
Mounted between the lens and camera body, an AF adapter converts non-AF lenses to autofocus operation, while rear converters extend lens focal lengths.

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