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Digital SLR Cameras: K-x

Choose your personal K-x from 100 color combinations

For years, people have taken it for granted that digital SLR camera bodies are black. PENTAX, however, decided to give would-be K-x users a special surprise. Along with an assortment of advanced functions and user-friendly features in the super-compact body, the K-x also offers an astonishing 100 different body-and-grip color combinations. Discover the K-x that’s dressed in your favorite colors!

A choice of 100 color combinations

The K-x color ordering system* offers a total of 100 body-and-grip color combinations, with 20 basic body colors and nine basic grip colors (five colors for each body color).

* The K-x color ordering service may not be available in certain countries/regions. All color combinations may not be available in certain countries/regions.
Note: The DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6AL and DA L 55-300mm F4-5.8AL lenses included in the standard K-x Lens Kit and K-x Double Zoom Kit are both black in color. Color ordering service is available only with these custom-ordered kits.

Select a desired combination in the brochure or on the Special Site, and make an order at a nearby retail store

The K-x’s custom-colored camera body is produced by order. After checking the different color combinations in the K-x brochure, specify the desired color number at a local retail store offering the color ordering service. You can also place an order by checking the choices on the K-x Special Site, printing out an order form or downloading the desired color combination to your cellphone, and submitting the filled-out order form or the downloaded image to a local retail store offering the color ordering service.

Try out a color simulation
on the Special Site

The K-x Special Site has a color simulator where you can inspect your color choice from various angles. You can even preview all 100 variations before making a final decision.

Note: Body and grip colors demonstrated in the brochure and on the color simulator are computer-graphics images and may differ from actual colors.

Order and purchase steps in the K-x color ordering system

Follow the steps below to place an order for your K-x purchase.

K-x color order samples

Click on an image to enlarge.

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