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Digital SLR Cameras: K-x

PENTAX offers a wide assortment of optional accessories for the K-x to further expand the creative world of digital SLR photography.

A high-capacity flash unit approx. 4.5 times more powerful than the camera’s built-in flash, ideal for advanced, specialized flash applications

AF540FGZ Dedicated Auto Flash

(Case included)

A high-performance flash unit approx. three times more powerful than the camera’s built-in flash, ideal for sophisticated lighting techniques

AF360FGZ Dedicated Auto Flash

(Case included)

A compact, multi-function flash unit, handy for casual outings

AF200FG Dedicated Auto Flash

(Case included)

An eyecup with a built-in magnifying lens to offer a larger, clearer view of the subject

O-ME53 Magnifier Eyecup

Supplies power to the camera from an AC outlet, handy for extended shooting sessions

AC Adapter Kit

Releases the camera shutter from a distance, convenient for photographing night scenes and commemorative occasions

Remote Control F

A shoulder-bag-type camera case, with a diagonal zipper for speedy entry and exit of the camera

O-CC84 Camera Case

An extendable strap, long enough for cross-body suspension of the camera

O-ST842 Free-Length Strap

A versatile strap, designed to facilitate one-handed shooting

O-ST991 Hand Strap

(Available in white, red or black)

Connects the camera to a TV monitor for viewing of images on a larger screen

I-AVC7 AV Cable

A dust-cleaning stick, for easy removal of dust from the camera’s image sensor

O-ICK1 Image-Sensor Cleaning Kit

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