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Digital SLR Cameras: K-x

<General function and specification>
<Storage Medium>
<Battery and Power sources>
<Capture and Playback>
<Connecting with a computer and Software>

<General function and specification>
What is different from the K-m?
The main differences in specifications are as follows.
  • Approx. 12.4 effective megapixels CMOS censor.
  • Live View function.(Contrast AF or Phase Difference detection AF can be selected)
  • 1280x720P Movie mode.
  • Approx. 4.7 fps, sequence: 17 frame (JPEG and Continuous (Hi)) 5 frame (RAW)
  • Sensitivity: Auto and Manual-ISO200 to 6400, It can be expanded up to 12800 by Custom Setting.
  • Lens correction function.
  • HDR Capturing and Multi-exposure Shooting
  • What is the dimensions and weight?
    • The dimensions are the same as K-m. (Approx.122.5mm(w)x 91.5mm(H)x 67.5mm(D))
    • The weight is 10g lighter than K-m. (Approx. 515g (body only))
    What is the material of externals?
    Engineering plastic material
    Is the K-x designed to be weather/dust-proof?
    How many bits is the A/D conversion?
    It is 12 bit conversion.
    How long does it take for the camera to start up?
    Start-up time for the K-x is approximately 0.24 sec.
    (start-up time is from turn on the power switch until going into condition that photo can be taken.)
    What is the magnification and field of view of the viewfinder?
    Magnification: approx 0.85x (50 mm/F1.4 lens at infinity); Field of View: approx. 96%.
    What is the approximate distance of the viewfinder's Eye Relief?
    (Maximum distance between eye and viewfinder at which the whole field is still visible)
    Approx. 21.5 mm.
    What is the size and resolution of the LCD monitor?
    And the backlight brightness can be adjusted?
    The LCD monitor is a 2.7-inch with approximately 230,000 dots, TFT color monitor, adjustable brightness, Wide angle view.
    What is included in the K-x kit?
    The K-x includes the following:
    • Hot shoe cover FK*
    • Eyecup FQ*
    • Body mount cover
    • USB cable I-USB7*
    • Strap O-ST53*
    • Software CD-ROM S-SW99
    • AA lithium battery (4 pcs)
    • Operating manual
    * Available also as an optional accessory.
    Is anything else necessary that is not included in the kit?
    SD/SDHC Memory Card is not included in the kit, so please prepare the necessary capacity of the SD/SDHC Memory Card. To play back the images on the TV etc., please prepare the video cable I-VC7 of optional accessory.
    [Example for Storage capacity] 4GB SDHC --- RAW/PEF: 194 images
    4288 x 2848/Jpeg/ [starstarstar]: 553images
    Is an exclusive camera case included in the kit?
    An exclusive camera case is not included in the kit.
    *The camera case O-CC84 is available as an optional accessory.
    Can I change the AF Point?
    Yes. You can change the AF Point by select [Select] on [Select AF point] screen.
    Is the Superimpose AF available?
    What is the Digital Filter?
    This mode lets you change the color tone and perform special processing on a image.
    The Digital Filter can be applied when taking a picture.You can also apply digital filter effects to images after shooting them in Playback mode. Each mode is the following.
    Still : Toy camera, Retro, High Contrast, Color, Soft Focus, Cross, Fish-eye, Custom Filter.
    Playback : Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Color, Water Color, Pastel, Miniature, Base Parameer Adjust, Monochrome, Soft Focus, Cross, Fish-Eye, Slim, HDR, Custom Filter.
    What is the Cross Process in Capture menu.
    The Cross processing is the procedure of deliberately processing a film in the wrong type of chemicals to create an image with difference colors and contrast. This camera features digital cross processing, which is done internally.

    *When Cross Processing is set, setting for Custom Image and White Balance cannot be changed.

    Does the camera feature any function for avoiding dust in the image sensor?
    SP coating on the low-pass filter prevents dust from sticking to the image sensor. In addition, the Dust Removal function can be used to shake any dust off. The camera also features a Dust Alert function that detects any dust collecting on the image sensor.
    What is the 'Dust Alert' function?
    It is a function that detects any dust collecting on the surface of the image sensor and alerts you about that. The Dust Alert function clearly displays the location of the dust to make it easier for you to clean the image sensor.

    * If using the DR (Dust Removal) function cannot eliminate all the dust from the image sensor, please use the optional Image sensor Cleaning Kit O-ICK1. You can also contact a PENTAX Service Center for professional image sensor cleaning.

    Can an external microphone be connected to the camera?
    External microphones cannot be connected to the camera.
    Can a Ref-converter A or M be used with the camera?
    Can an eyecup M or M II be used with the camera?
    Eyecup M can not be used. Eyecup M II can be used.
    What kind of the focusing screen equipped on K-x?
    Can I interchange the focusing screen?
    It is natural-bright-matte II focusing screen with AF frame matte. It can not be interchanged.
    Does the K-x support P.I.M. III (PRINT Image Matching III™) and Exif Print (Exif 2.2)?
    JPEG images shot with this camera support both. RAW images do not.
    Does the K-x support PictBridge?
    What is the recording format of the images?
    You can choose to record images in the versatile JPEG format or the high-quality and fully editable RAW format. You can also select JPEG+RAW and record in both formats. Pictures taken in RAW format can be developed in the camera and saved as JPEG images.
    Can I save the image rotation information with the image?
    Yes. The image rotation information is saved with the image and during playback it will be displayed in portrait orientation.
    Is the AF Illuminator available?
    Yes, The built-in flash is discharged automatically multiple times to make the autofocus operation easier. However, AF illuminator is activated only in AF.S mode.
    AF illuminator is not activated AF-C, MF, when built-in flash is retracted and below mode.

    1. Shooting mode with activate AF-C
      Picture mode --- Moving Object
      Scene mode --- Pet, Stage light, Kids, Night snap

    2. Shooting mode with activate flash off
      Picture mode --- Flash OFF
      Scene mode --- Night Scene, Sunset, Stage Light, Candle Light, Museum
    What finishing touches settings are included in the Custom Image function?
    Select from the following finishing touches:
    Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Muted and Monochrome.
    The default setting is [Bright].
    When the battery is removed, how long is the date set in the camera retained?
    Once a new battery has been loaded and left in the camera more than 12 hours, data in the camera remains backed up for approximately 48 hours when the battery is removed.
    Can I view images on a TV?
    Yes. Connect the USB/Video terminal on the camera's side to the TV's video input terminal using the optional Video cable I-VC7. Make sure to turn off the camera and the TV while connecting the cable.
    Is the K-x equipped HDMI terminal? Can I view image on a TV with high-definition?
    No. it is not equipped. You can view the image on a TV by connect the USB/Video terminal on the camera's side to the TV's video input terminal using the optional Video cable I-VC7. It is output usual resolution.

    <Shake Reduction (SR)>

    How effective is the Shake Reduction in terms of shutter speed steps?
    The effect of Shake Reduction is equivalent approx up to 4 shutter speeds.

    * The Shake Reduction effect may vary depending on the focal length of the lens, distance to the subject, shooting conditions and individual technique.

    It is generally said that the slowest shutter speed to avoid blur is 1/focal length.
    However, with cameras featuring an APS-C size image sensor, please consider the focal length as 1.5 times longer (35 mm-equivalent focal length).
    For example, a 100 mm lens is equivalent to a 150 mm lens in 35 mm format so, generally speaking, the slowest shutter speed for such lens is 1/150 sec. You can expect Shake Reduction to be effective at shutter speeds 2.5 to 4 steps slower than 1/150.
    Will the Shake Reduction (SR) function work with non-PENTAX lenses?
    The Shake Reduction mechanism will function but the effectiveness of the results can not be guaranteed. PENTAX will assume no responsibility or liability for accidents, damages and malfunctions resulting from the use of lenses made by other manufacturers.
    Are there any lenses with which the Shake Reduction (SR) function cannot be used?
    No, there isn't one. This function can be used with all PENTAX lenses that can be attached to the camera.

    * The [Input Focal Length] setting menu does not appear when using a lens that supports automatic acquisition of lens information such as focal length because [Focal Length] is set automatically. (DA, DA L, D FA, FA J, FA, or F is set automatically)
    If type of lens that does not support automatic acquisition of lens information such as focal length is used, the [Input Focal Length] menu appears. Set [Focal Length] manually on the [Input Focal Length] setting menu.

    * When using lens without the A position on the aperture or with the aperture set to a position other than the A position, set [22. Using aperture ring] on the [C Custom Setting 4] menu to [2. Permitted].

    Would it be better to leave the SR function always on?
    When you take a picture with a handheld camera, we recommend that the Shake Reduction switch is always ON. When using the camera on a tripod, turn off the Shake Reduction switch.
    Does the battery life change depending on the position of the Shake Reduction switch?
    No, it does not.
    Can the Shake Reduction function be used in B (Bulb) mode?

    *The Shake Reduction function is automatically turned off in the following situations: When using the self-time, remote control shooting, shooting in B (Bulb) mode or using wireless mode with an external flash and HDR Capture.

    Will the Shake Reduction (SR) function work with slow synchronization of the flash?
    Yes, it will function.
    Can the effect of the Shake Reduction function be checked in the viewfinder?

    <Lenses that can be used>

    What kind of lens is included in the K-x lens kit?
    smc PENTAX-DA L18-55mmF3.5-5.6 AL lens is included.
    Can the SDM autofocus system be used?
    Yes. When mounted on an SDM lens to K-x, the focus mode is automatically switched to SDM auto focus system.
    Can the POWER-ZOOM function of FA* lens or FA-ZOOM lens be used with the camera?
    What lenses can be used with the camera?
    The following lenses can be used.
    DA lenses
    DA L lenses
    FA J lenses
    D FA, FA and F lenses with the aperture ring set to A (Auto) position.
    When [22. Using Aperture Ring] is set to [Permitted] in the [C Custom Setting 4] menu, the shutter Can be released even if the aperture ring of the D FA, FA, F or A lens is not set to the A (Auto) Position or a lens without an A position is attached. However, the features will be restricted as shown below.

    * The area captured with this camera will differ from that captured with a 35 mm SLR camera even if the same lens is used because the format size for 35 mm film and CCD sensor are different. The area captured will be equivalent to that captured with a 35 mm SLR camera using a lens with a focal length approximately 1.5 times longer than the lens used.

    Lens [Mount type]
    / Function
    DA L
    D FA
    FA J
    F A M
    [KAF] [KA] [K]
    Auto focus (Lens only)
    Auto focus (with AF adapter 1.7x) *1
    Manual focus
    (with focus indicator) *2
    (with matte field)
    Quick shift focus #*5 No No No No
    Five AF points or Eleven AF points Yes Yes Yes #*7 No
    Multi-segment metering Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    P (Program) mode Yes Yes Yes Yes #*8
    Sv (Sensitivity priority) mode Yes Yes Yes Yes #*8
    Tv (Shutter priority) mode Yes Yes Yes Yes #*8
    Av (Aperture priority) mode Yes Yes Yes Yes #*8
    M (Manual) mode Yes Yes Yes Yes #
    P-TTL auto flash *3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Power zoom - No - - -
    Automatic obtaining the lens focal length information when using the Shake Reduction function Yes Yes Yes No No
    Lens Correction function *4 Yes No No No No

    Yes: Functions are available when the aperture ring is set to the A position.
    #: Some functions are restricted.
    No: Functions are unavailable.
    - : Not applicable

    *1 Lenses with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or brighter and aperture ring set to A position.
    *2 Lenses with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or brighter.
    *3 When using the built-in flash and AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ, AF200FG, or AF160FC.
    *4 Aberration correction is available in [Lens Correction] of the [Rec.Mode 1] menu.
    The [Distortion Correction] setting is disabled when using a DA 10-17mm FISH-EYE lens.
    *5 Only available with compatible lenses.
    *6 To use an F/FA soft 85mm f/2.8 lens or FA soft 28mm f/2.8 lens, set [22. Using aperture ring] in the [C Custom Setting 4] menu to [Permitted]. Pictures can be taken with the aperture you set, but only within manual aperture range.
    *7 The AF point is fixed to spot.
    *8 Av(Aperture Priority) Automatic Exposure with the aperture open. (Adjusting the aperture ring has no effect on the actual aperture value.)

    Can PENTAX 67 lenses, PENTAX 645 lenses or S (Screw mount) lenses be used with this camera?
    These types of lenses can be attached using the respective K-mount adapter.
    However, shutter release will not be available with default settings. To allow shutter release, change the following settings.
    (1) Set [22.Using aperture ring] to [Permitted] in the Custom Setting menu.
    (2) Set the focus mode lever to MF.
    Av (Aperture Priority) mode and M (Manual) mode can be used but an exposure error may occur.
    In the viewfinder and status screen, [F--] appears for the aperture indicator.
    The camera operates in Av (Aperture Priority) mode even if the mode dial is Auto picture, Picture mode, SCN, Program, SV and TV mode.
    How does the area captured change when using medium format lenses?
    Focal length is a characteristic of the lens, whether it is used with 35 mm format or medium format (645 or 67) cameras. In 35 mm equivalent terms, the area captured will be the same as that of an image captured using a lens with a focal length approximately 1.5 times longer than the lens used.

    (Example) If you used the following lens with K-x
    smc PENTAX-FA 50mmF1.4 → Focal length is equivalent to a 75mm lens on a 35mm camera.
    smc PENTAX-FA645 75mmF2.8 → Focal length is equivalent to a 114mm lens on a 35mm camera.
    smc PENTAX 67 105mmF2.4 → Focal length is equivalent to a 160mm lens on a 35mm camera.
    What lens is compatible with Lens Correction?
    DA, DA L, and the D FA lens are compatible.
    What function is "Lens Correction"?
    Reduces distortions and lateral chromatic aberrations occurring due to lens properties by digital processing.

    *The corrected image is saved as JPEG image.
    *The RAW data cannot be corrected. It is possible to newly saved corrected JPEG image in the editing RAW image
    * It takes more time to save the image when [Lens correction] is set to ON. Initial setting is OFF.
    *The [Lens correction] may not apply depending on using lens or setting.

    Can non-PENTAX interchangeable lens be used?
    Not recommended.
    We assume no responsibility or liability for damage resulting from the use of lenses made by other manufactures.

    <Storage Medium>
    What type of storage medium does the camera use?
    The K-x uses SD Memory Cards or SDHC Memory Cards.
    The built-in memory is not equipped.
    SD(SDHC) memory card does not include in the K-x kit. Please prepare the necessary capacity of the SD/SDHC Memory Card.
    Which SD (SDHC) Memory Cards have been tested for compatibility?
    Compatibility with the K-x has been tested with memory cards from the following manufacturers.

    • SD Memory Cards with capacities between 512 MB and 2 GB
    • SDHC Memory Cards with capacities between 4 GB and 32 GB

    • SD Memory Cards with capacities between 512 MB and 2 GB
    • SDHC Memory Cards with capacities between 4 GB and 32 GB

    • SD Memory Cards with capacities between 512 MB and 2 GB
    • SDHC Memory Cards with capacities of 4 GB and 32 GB

    * As of August 2009
    * The information above is given for the convenience of customers and does not guarantee complete compatibility with the K-x.
    * When recording a movie, using a Class 6 or faster SD (SDHC) Memory Card.
    There is possibility that the Class 6 SD (SDHC) Memory Card stops in the middle of recording depending on subject or shooting condition.

    Can the miniSD card and the microSD card be used through the adaptor?
    Not recommended. Please use a SD(SDHC) memory card.
    Does the performance of the Memory Card used affect the shooting interval or other functions of the camera?
    When using SD Memory Cards with slow transfer rates, the start-up time and the number of images for continuous shooting may be affected.
    (When using Class2 or 2MB/sec SD Memory Card, the start-up time and the number of images for continuous shooting may be affected)
    Approximately how many images can be stored on SD (SDHC) Memory Card?
    The actual number of images varies depending on shooting conditions and subjects but the following table gives the approximate number of images that can be recorded.
    Recorded Pixels 4288
    4288×2848 3936×2624
    Quality Levels PEF DNG starstarstar starstar star starstarstar starstar star
    128MB 6 6 17 31 61 21 37 73
    256MB 12 12 35 61 120 41 72 142
    512MB 24 24 69 122 239 81 144 282
    1GB 48 48 138 244 479 163 289 564
    2GB 98 98 281 495 975 332 585 1138
    4GB 194 192 553 973 1915 652 1149 2234
    6GB 295 293 841 1479 2912 991 1747 3398
    8GB 394 392 1126 1980 3898 1327 2339 4548
    12GB 595 591 1699 2987 5880 2002 3528 6560
    16GB 794 789 2266 3985 7844 2671 4706 9151
    32GB 1593 1583 4547 7994 15735 5358 9441 18358
    Recorded Pixels 3072×2048 1728×1152
    Quality Levels starstarstar starstar star starstarstar starstar star
    128MB 34 60 116 104 177 325
    256MB 67 118 227 203 346 634
    512MB 133 234 450 402 686 1258
    1GB 267 468 902 805 1373 2518
    2GB 543 945 1807 1617 2793 5121
    4GB 1068 1856 3549 3176 5485 10057
    6GB 1623 2823 5397 4829 8341 15292
    8GB 2173 3778 7224 6463 11164 20468
    12GB 6278 5699 10896 9749 16840 30873
    16GB 4573 7602 14535 13005 22463 41182
    32GB 8772 15251 29157 26088 45061 82612


    Recorded Pixels
    0.9M(1280×720, 16 : 9) 0.3M(640×416, 3 : 2)
    Quality Levels starstarstar starstar star starstarstar starstar star
    128MB 00:00’22" 00:00’32" 00:00’45" 00:01’16" 00:01’47" 00:02’27"
    256MB 00:00’44" 00:01’02" 00:01’28" 00:02’29" 00:03’28" 00:04’47"
    512MB 00:01’28" 00:02’04" 00:02’54" 00:04’56" 00:06’53" 00:09’29"
    1GB 00:02’56" 00:04’08" 00:05’49" 00:09’52" 00:13’47" 00:19’00"
    2GB 00:05’49" 00:08’23" 00:11’46" 00:20’05" 00:27’41" 00:37’56"
    4GB 00:11’45" 00:16’29" 00:23’07" 00:39’26" 00:54’21" 01:14’29"
    6GB 00:17’53" 00:25’04" 00:35’09" 00:59’58" 01:22’39" 01:53’16"
    8GB 00:23’56" 00:33’33" 00:47’03" 01:20’16" 01:50’38" 02:31’36"
    12GB 00:36’06" 00:50’36" 01:10’58" 02:01’04" 02:46’52" 03:48’41"
    16GB 00:48’10" 01:07’30" 01:34’40" 02:41’30" 03:42’36" 05:05’03"
    32GB 01:36’37" 02:15’25" 03:09’54" 05:23’58" 07:26’33" 10:11’56"

    The maximum file size is 4GB for movie.
    The maximum length is 25 minutes for movie.

    Are there any precautions that should be observed when using SD (SDHC) Memory Cards?
    Please observe the following precautions.
    • Card that are unused or that have been used on other devices, such as another camera or a computer, must first be formatted on the PENTAX K-x.
    • Do not remove an SD (SDHC) Memory Card or turn the camera off while you are recording data or playing back images or audio, or while the camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable.
    • Do not bend an SD (SDHC) Memory Card or subject it to violent impacts. And do not leave cards in locations where they will be exposed to water, moisture, high temperatures, condensation, dust or strong magnetism is generated.
    • Avoid using or storing the card where it may be exposed to static electricity or electrical interference.
    • If a card is left unused for a long period, it may no longer be possible to read the data stored on the card. Important data should be backed up regularly.

    <Battery and Power sources>
    What type of batteries can be used with the K-x?
    The K-x can be powered by the four AA lithium battery, AA Ni-MH rechargeable and AA alkalin battery.

    Note: Due to their characteristics, AA alkaline batteries may not allow the camera to make full use of its capabilities, and therefore they are not recommended except for emergency use or checking the camera functionality.

    Is there a battery grip available?
    Can CR-V3 lithium-ion battery be used with the K-x?
    Can OXYRIDE (Oxy Nickel Hydroxide) battery be used with the K-m?
    The use of OXYRIDE batteries are not recommended as the batteries' voltage characteristics may cause a malfunction.
    How many photos can I take? or How long can I playback image?
    Refer to below table

    Batteries (Temperature) Normal Recording
    (Flash not use)
    Flash photography
    Playback time
    AA lithium batteries
    1900 pictures 1110 pictures 680 minutes
    AA rechargeable batteries
    (NI-MH / 23°C)
    640 pictures 420 pictures 390 minutes
    AA alkaline batteries (23°C) 210 pictures 130 pictures 350 minutes

    *The picture storage capacity is based on measuring condition in accordance with CIPA standards, while other data are based on our measuring conditions.
    *Note: CIPA standards are standards formulated by the Camera and Imaging Products Association.

    Is there an optional AC adapter available?
    Yes, the optional AC Adapter K-AC84.
    Can I use the AC adaptor overseas?
    The AC adaptor K-AC84 (optional) can be used within the range of AC100V to AC240V (50/60Hz). When using the AC adaptor overseas, you many need a plug adapter to convert the plug to fit the shape of the power outlet. Please do not use commercially available transformer, it may cause a malfunction of the AC adaptor.

    <Capture and Playback>
    What is the frame number of the consecutive shooting?
    Continuous Shooting (Hi) --- Approx. 4.7 frames/sec
    JPEG image /12M /Quality levelstarstarstar/ up to 17 frames.
    RAW image / PEF, DNG / up to 5 frames.

    Continuous Shooting (Lo) --- Approx 2.0 frames/sec
    JPEG image / 12M / Quality levelstarstarstar / up to SD/SDHC memory card full.
    RAW image /PEF, DNG / up to 11 frames
    The maximum frame number of the consecutive shooting varies depending on transfer rate of SD card.
    What is the Sv (Sensitivity Priority) mode on the mode dial?
    You can set the sensitivity by operating e-dial to suit the brightness of the subject.
    The shutter speed and aperture are automatically set according to the selected sensitivity to obtain the appropriate exposure. The sensitivity is always displayed in the viewfinder in Sv mode.
    The sensitivity can be set in increments of 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV.
    Can preview function be used?
    Yes. Optical preview and Digital preview can be used.
    It can be assigned the preview function to the Green button.
    Can a remote control be used with the K-x?
    Yes. The optional Remote Control F is available.
    You can select the remote control shooting mode from Drive Mode, [Remote control (3s delay)] and [Remote control].
    Can the cable switch CS-205 be used with the K-x?
    Can Multi-exposure Shooting be used with the K-x?
    Yes. You can select from 2 to 9 shots.

    *Multi-exposure is not available when the mode dial is set to Movie, or when Cross processing, Digital Filter or HDR Capture is set.

    Can Interval Shooting be used with the K-x?
    Can the Bulb shooting be used?
    Yes. Set the mode dial to [M] (Manual exposure). [Bulb] appears after the slowest shutter speed (30 sec). [bu] is displayed in viewfinder and [Bulb] is displayed on status screen in the LCD monitor.
    Is the Slow Shutter Speed NR available? And Can I set it OFF?
    Yes. It is available. Select ON or OFF in [13.Slow Shutter Speed NR] of the [C Custom Setting 2] menu.

    *When the exposure time is longer than 30 seconds in Bulbe shooting, Noise Reduction is automatically activated even [13. Slow Shutter Speed NR] is selected [Off].

    Can the AF focusing position be adjusted?
    What is the Autofocus system in the Live View?
    You can select it by the setting.
    1. Face Detection(default setting)
      Gives autofocus priority to detected faces and performs contrast autofocus.
      A yellow frame appears for the main face (white frames appear for other faces), and autofocus and automatic exposure are performed for the main detected face.
    2. Contrast AF
      Displays Live View and performs autofocus based on the information obtained from the image sensor.
    3. Phase Difference
      Cancels Live View and performs autofocus with the AF sensor.
    Is the face detecting function available in live-view mode?
    How many person's face(S) can be detected?
    Yes, it is available.
    Up to 16 person's faces can be detected.
    What is the specification of movie recording?
    You can record movies with a frame rate (number of frame shot per second) at 24 frames per second (fps), monaural audio, and the file format set to AVI.
    The number of recorded pixels can be selected either 0.9M [1280 x 720], or 0.3M [640 x 416].

    *When using built-in microphone (monaural), the camera operation sounds are also recorded. When recording a movie, mount the camera onto a tripod and do not operate the camera while recording.

    Is there any restriction of capacity or recording time for recording movie?
    You can record movies continuously up to 4GB or 25 minutes. When SD memory card is full, recording stops and the movie is saved.
    Is it possible to turn off the Guide Display on the LCD monitor?
    Yes. To not show indication, set [Guide Display] to [Off] in the [Set-up] menu.
    Can polarizing filters be used with the K-x?
    Circular type polarizing filters (C-PL/Circular PL) can be used.
    Normal, non-circular polarizing filters can affect the exposure and AF and cannot be used
    What is the "Bright/Dark Area" warning?
    When this function is activated, areas in the image that is too bright or too dark and has lost gradation detail will blink on the monitor during playback and instant review.
    Can the image be resized?
    Yes. Only JEPG files captured with this camera can be resized.
    You cannot select a lager resolution than that of the original image.
    Can the image be cropped?
    Yes. Only JEPG and RAW files captured with this camera can be cropped.
    Can the White Balance be adjusted manually?
    Yes, you can adjust the White Balance depending on the light source used when shooting.
    With Manual White Balance, the camera can store delicate shades that cannot be precisely adjusted with the white balance preset values provided in the camera. This provides the optimal white balance for your specific shooting conditions. The K-x allows you to fine tune the White Balance setting.
    What is the guide number of the built-in flash?
    The guide number is approximately 12 (ISO 100/m).
    What is the maximum focal length covered by the built-in flash?
    The flash covers the angle of view of an 18 mm lens (35 mm equivalent: 28 mm lens).
    What is the system of the flash?
    P-TTL flash system. K-x does not support TTL auto flash
    Can the flash output be compensated?
    Yes, the output of the built-in flash or an exclusive external flash can be changed in the range of -2.0 to +1.0 in the [Flash Mode] screen in the status screen.

    *If the maximum flash output is exceeded when corrected to the plus (+) side, the compensation will not be effective.

    Are there any restrictions on the built-in flash depending on the lens used?
    The following lenses cannot be used with the built-in flash due to vignetting.
    PENTAX-DA Fish-eye 10-17 mm F3.5-4.5ED (IF)
    PENTAX-DA 12-24 mm F4ED AL
    PENTAX-DA 14 mm F2.8ED (IF)
    PENTAX-DA 15 mm F4ED AL

    PENTAX-FA * 300 mm F2.8ED (IF)
    PENTAX-FA * 600mm F4ED (IF)
    PENTAX-FA * 250-600 mm F5.6ED (IF)

    *When using the built-in flash, vignetting may occur depending on the lens used and shooting conditions. We recommend taking a test shot to confirm this.

    Can the external flash be used?

    Yes. Available functions depend on the external flash used. Use the table below as a reference.
    (Yes: Available #: Restricted No: Not available)

    Function/Flash Built-in flash AF540FGZ
    Red-eye reduction flash Yes Yes Yes
    Automatic flash discharge Yes Yes Yes
    After the flash is charged, the camera automatically switches to the flash sync speed Yes Yes Yes
    Aperture is automatically set in P (Program) mode and Tv (Shutter-priority) mode Yes Yes Yes
    Auto check in the viewfinder No No No
    P-TTL auto flash (appropriate sensitivity: 100 to 3200) Yes *1 Yes *1 Yes *1
    TTL auto flash No No No
    Slow-speed sync Yes Yes Yes
    Compensating flash output Yes Yes Yes
    AF illuminator Yes Yes No
    Trailing curtain sync2 No Yes No
    Contrast-control-sync flash # *3 Yes # *4
    Slave flash No Yes No
    Multiple flash No No No
    High-speed flash sync No Yes No
    Wireless flash Yes *4 Yes *5 No

    *1 Available only when using DA, DA L, D FA, FA J, FA, F, or A lens. When combining with the AF200FG movement sensitivity is 200-1600.
    *2 Shutter speed of 1/90 sec or slower sec.
    *3 When combined with the AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ, 1/3 of the flash discharge can be output by the built-in flash and 2/3 can be output by the external flash.
    *4 Available only when combined with the AF540FGZ / AF360FGZ.
    *5 Multiple AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ units, or a combination of an AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ unit and the built-in flash is required.

    Does the K-x have a sync socket for professional flashes?
    No, Combining with flashes from other manufacturers may cause equipment breakdown.
    We recommend using the PENTAX dedicated automatic flashes.
    Can the flash be used in wireless mode?
    Yes. Wireless mode is available when using the AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ external flash.
    How built-in flash can set to off position?
    There are the following two methods.
    1. Set mode dial to the Flash off position.
    2. Press flash mode button (four-way controller) then select Manual Flash in Capture mode and keep retracting the Built-in flash.
    Is flash output control done using a pre-flash, and if so, how many pre-flashes are used?
    Yes, a pre-flash is used to adjust flash output.
    When using the built-in flash or an AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ AF200FG or AF160FC with the flash mode set to [P-TTL auto], the flash pre-flashes once and then the actual flash output is adjusted accordingly.

    * The flash will fire at full intensity, without flash output control if [Using aperture ring] in the Custom Setting menu is set to [Permitted] but the aperture ring is set to a position other than A, and when using either lenses without an A position in the aperture ring or soft lenses.

    What is the picture mode?
    You can select a Picture mode to reflect a special shooting condition.
    There are eight available Picture modes as follows.

    AUTO PICT (Auto Picture) The optimal capture mode is automatically selected from the Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Moving Object and Night Scene Portrait modes. When shooting with Live View, Blue Sky and Sunset can also be selected.
    Portrait Optimal for capturing portraits. Reproduces a healthy and bright skin tone.
    Landscape Deepens the focus range, emphasizes contour and saturation of trees and the sky, and produces a vibrant image.
    Macro Lets you take vibrant pictures of flowers and other small subjects at short distances.
    Moving Object Lets you take sharp pictures of a quickly moving subject, such as at sporting events. The drive mode is fixed to Continuous Shooting (Hi)
    Night Scene Portrait Lets you capture people against a night view or at dusk.
    Flash OFF The flash is deactivated. Other settings are the same as Standard in AUTO PICT
    SCN(Scene) Lets you select from 10 shooting scenes depending on the shooting conditions
    What mode does the SCN (scene) mode include?
    By setting the SCN (Scene) icon to the dial indicator, you can choose from the following 10 shooting scenes as follows



    Night Scene Used for night scenes. Use a tripod, etc, to prevent shaking.
    Surf & Snow For capturing images of dazzling backgrounds, such as snowy mountains.
    Food For capturing images of food.
    Saturation will be rather high to make it look appetizing.
    Sunset For capturing the sunrise or sunset in beautiful colors.
    Stage lighting For capturing moving subjects in poorly lit place.
    Kids For capturing moving kids. Reproduces healthy and bright skin tone. The drive mode is fixed to Continuous Shooting (Hi)
    Pet For capturing moving pets. The drive mode is fixed to Continuous Shooting (Hi)
    Candlelight For capturing scenes in candlelight.
    Museum For capturing images in places where a flash is prohibited.
    Night snap For taking snapshots in poorly lit place.

    <Connecting with a computer and Software>
    What is the bundled software?
    PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4
    Can the JPEG image be edited with bundled software?
    Yes. The JPEG images taken with PENTAX digital SLR camera can be edited with PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4.
    If the image is edited by other software, it cannot edit image with PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4.
    What are the system requirements of the K-x?
    • [For Windows]
      • USB connection
        Windows Vista / Windows XP : Computers with built-in USB 2.0 ports and updating latest version of Windows XP or Windows Vista.
      • Application software
        <PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4>
        • OS: Windows Vista (64 bit) Windows XP (SP2 or later)
        • CPU: Pentium 4 or better (Intel Core processor or better recommended)
        • Memory: 1GB or more (2GB or more, For Windows Vista;3GB or more recommend)
        • Display: 1280x1024 or more, 24bit (Truecolor, 16.8 Million colors) or better
        • HDD free space: 1GB or more (2GB or more recommended)

      * Recommended system requirements do not guarantee complete operation for all computer systems.

    • [For Macintosh]
      • USB connection
        Mac OS X 10.5 / Mac OS X 10.4 / Mac OS X 10.3: Computers with built-in USB 2.0 ports and updating latest version of Mac OS X v10.3 or later.
      • Application software
        <PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4>
        • OS: Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.3
        • CPU: PowerPC G5 or better (Intel Core processor or better recommended. Universal Binary compatible)
        • Memory: 1GB or more (2GB or more recommended)
        • Display: 1280x1024 or better, 24bit (Truecolor, 16.8 Million colors) or better
        • HDD free space: 1GB or more (2GB or more recommended)

    * Quick Time 7 or later version is required.
    * Recommended system requirements do not guarantee complete operation for all computer systems.

    Can the PENTAX REMOTE Assistant3 be used with K-x?
    No, K-x does not support PENTAX REMOTE Assistant3.
    Does K-x support the USB 2.0?
    Yes it does.
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