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K-3 II

Capture moments as vividly as you experienced

HD PENTAX-DA16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR Aperture : F5.6; Shutter speed : 1/125 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -1.3EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 1600 ; White balance : CTE ; Custom image : Bleach Bypass Digital Filter: High Contrast x Shading x Shading

Versatile functions for one-of-a-kind artistic piece

Custom Image
Enjoy different finishes just like changing the film

Custom Image gives you the ability to adopt your ideal colors and tones in shots. Eleven different options are available, and parameters such as the saturation, hue, key, and contrast can be freely adjusted. Enjoy your one and only expression.
*Adjustable parameters differ depending on the Custom Image option.


Custom Image
Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Radiant, Muted, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monochrome, Cross Processing

Digital Filter
Layer special effects for impressive art work

A rich array of Digital Filter options is equipped. In addition to adjusting effects, you can layer up to 20 adjustments to a single photo. When used with Custom Image, the possibilities for expression are expanded even further.

[Water Color]

Selection for shooting or playback
Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Invert Color, Unicolor Bold, Bold Monochrome
Selection for playback only
Base Parameter Adj, Tone Expansion, Sketch, Water Color, Pastel, Posterization, Miniature, Soft, Starburst, Fish-eye, Slim

HDR High-Dynamic Range
Capture hand-held high dynamic range and re-compose after shooting

From three differing exposure images, a single image with a wide tonal range is generated. Because this model automatically corrects* for slight misalignments between images, you can easily shoot hand-held HDR images. In addition to Auto which provides a natural finish, there are different effect strengths (HDR 1/2/3), and exposure bracket value (±1/2/3) settings available. The three different images are saved in RAW format, giving you complete artistic freedom to develop or merge them as you please.

HDR ON /HDR Type 2

Perfect for scenes in which normal shooting produces a high variation in contrast and exposure compensation overexposes bright sections or causes loss of detail in dark sections.
*Automatic adjustment may not be possible for change in angle of view and subject, or due to factors such as focal length and subject pattern.

Full-featured compositing methods to support advanced compositions

You can shoot any number of images from 2 to 2,000, and overlap them to form a single image. In Live View, the merged results are displayed transparently until shooting takes place, making composition easy.

[ Average ]

The exposure is averaged and merged. Even without adjusting the exposure for each shot the merged image results in a standard exposure for easy multi-exposure shooting.

[ Additive ]

Exposure is added and merged. For example, by moderating the exposure for each image, the contrast is ref lected in the finished result.

[ Bright ]

Bright sections of each image are merged. This is also effective for leaving dark sections as is, and overlapping brighter objects such as the moon, fireworks, or illuminated buildings.

Movie function
Smoothly record quick movement in Full HD movies

Utilize the rich lineup of interchangeable lenses including fisheye and super-telephoto to capture impressive Full HD 60i/30p movies. You can use artistic functions such as Custom Image and Digital Filter, easily edit images with the camera, and also record stereo audio with an external microphone.

*File format is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MOV.

Interval Shooting
Capture subjects changing over time with the automatic timer

This model automatically shoots for a specified interval. This feature is useful for capturing a subject that changes over time. The interval can be set from 2 seconds to 24 hours, and the number of shots can be set from 2 to 2,000. The time to begin shooting can also be specified.

[ Interval Composite ]

Images shot over an interval are overlapped to form a single image. The same options are available as in Multi-exposure: Average, Additive, and Bright. You can also save images in progress.

Interval Composite [Bright]

4K compatible Interval Movie Record
Easily capture time-lapse movies

Connect captured still images over a certain interval to create a movie. Moment to moment changes of a subject can be enjoyed in as a time-lapse movie. Recording sizes are available in 4K (3840x2160), Full HD, and HD. HDR can be used together.

*The compression format is Motion JPEG, and the file format is AVI.
*Shooting intervals can be selected from 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.
*Shooting time can be set from 14 seconds to 99 hours (changes due to shooting interval).
*When playing back a 4K Interval Movie Record, be sure to use a computer environment that can play back 4K movies.

In-body RAW data development
Apply finishing touches just the way you want, without a PC

The K-3 II provides in-body development of RAW-format files, with the developed files saved as separate TIFF or JPEG files. You can even adjust white-balance and custom-image parameters during RAW data development. Since this feature provides a PC-free environment, you can work on your RAW files anywhere and anytime.

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