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K-3 II

Field camera steps into a high-definition stage


Release of Firmware Update Software Version 1.10 for PENTAX K-3II.
Corresponded to new lens, HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mmF4.5-6.3ED PLM WR RE.
PENTAX K-3 II Silver Edition is released.

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Pixel Shift Resolution 
Advanced resolution technology for capturing still life
subjects in ultra high definition

The in-body SR (shake reduction) mechanism is used to move the image sensor unit in minute increments, a single pixel pitch at a time, to capture four shots. Pixel Shift Resolution merges those shots into a single image to generate an ultra high-definition image. This method differs from the traditional Bayer method, which acquires only a single element of color information for single pixel, by acquiring all RGB color information for individual pixel. This difference makes it excellent for detail and color reproduction, creating super high-definition images. This also prevents false colors from occurring theoretically, and also has a high-sensitivity noise reduction effect when compared to normal shooting.
Photographed RAW images can be processed on the camera and also developed using the included utility software as Pixel Shift Resolution.
*Be sure to use a tripod for thorough stabilization when shooting.
*When shooting, use Drive Mode options: Self-timer, Remote Control, or Mirror Lock-up Shooting.
*Effects may not be gained if the subject moves or the camera shakes.

Shot with Pixel Shift Resolution
Depict even feather texture and dots on print in high definition.

Normal shot

Move the image sensor unit a single pixel pitch at a time to capture four shots.
This acquires all RGB color information for individual pixel. By merging those shots into a single image, an ultra high-definition image is generated.
●The information and diagrams here are for visualizing the structure and effects of Pixel Shift Resolution.

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Main SpecificationsRead more

Effective Pixels Approx. 24.35 megapixels
Image Sensor Primary color filter, CMOS. Size: 23.5 x 15.6 (mm)
Compatible Lens KAF3, KAF2 (power zoom compatible), KAF, KA mount lens
Dimensions Approx. 131.5mm (W) x102.5mm (H) x 77.5mm (D) (excluding protrusions)
Weight 785g (Including dedicated battery and 1x SD Memory Card), Approx. 700g (body only)


  • PENTAX K-3 II body kit

  • PENTAX K-3 II 18-135WR lens kit
    K-3 II body / smc PENTAX-DA18-135mm
    F3.5-5.6ED AL[IF]DC
    WR (with hood)

  • PENTAX K-3 II 16-85WR lens kit
    K-3 II body / HD PENTAX-DA16-85mm
    F3.5-5.6ED DC WR (with hood)



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