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K-3 II


Expand DSLR descriptiveness to the next high-dimension field

HD PENTAX-DA16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR Aperture : F11; Shutter speed : 1/200 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -0.3EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance : AWB ; Custom image : Bright ; Pixel Shift Resolution: ON

Pixel Shift Resolution 
Advanced resolution technology for capturing still life subjects in ultra high definition

The CMOS sensor is operated to consecutively shoot four images for individual pixel. Using the overwhelmingly large volume of color information (24M×RGB), the Pixel Shift Resolution generates a single ultra-high-definition image. The increase in resolving power and color reproducibility makes it possible to obtain such high-definition images, especially when photographing stationary subjects. High-ISO noise is also greatly reduced, and, in theory, moiré and false color are not generated. During shooting, an electronic shutter is used so camera shake can be minimized.
*When shooting please keep the camera stationary using a tripod, etc.

  • Shot with Pixel Shift Resolution
  • Normal shot

Pixel Shift Resolution

[Color information obtained]

By taking four shots sequentially, each pixel obtains color and brightness information of every RGB.

*High resolution and many gradations are achieved because the image is generated using color and brightness information with high resolving power.

*False color and color moiré are not generated because pixel interpolation is not done.

Normal shot

[Color information obtained]

For each pixel, brightness information is obtained for one color only.

Due to color filter RGB proportions, the resolution for each color is 1/2 for green and 1/4 for R and B.

[Demosaic processing]

Estimate the deficient pixels by referring the neighbor pixel and outline information (pixel interpolation).

When there are instances where the estimated color and actual color differ, the result is false color and color moiré.

*Images are for representation purpose only.

AA-filter-free 24M CMOS image sensor
Imaging element for capturing the delicate details of color and light

Approx. 24.35 effective megapixels. Under design concept to give first priority on resolution, K-3 II is an AA (anti-aliasing)-filter-free model. This enables full use of the CMOS sensor’s resolving power for excellent, sharp image quality. This model can faithfully recreate the three-dimensionality and atmosphere of a scene with all of its textures.

AA filter simulator
An unique function that prevents false colors and moiré only when necessary

The AA filter simulator realized the operation of the optical AA filter that reduces false colors and moiré, by applying microscopic vibration of the CMOS image sensor. You can select from two levels. In addition, you can set the bracket that changes the effects for capturing three successive shots.

*Effects are easily achieved when shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1/1000 sec.

*Cannot be used with some shooting modes, including Pixel Shift Resolution

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