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[High Image Quality] Ready to portray what you photograph better than ever.

Ricoh's advanced digital technology allows the true worth of the GR lens to shine forth.

1/1520sec, F4, ISO100, EV±0, WB:AUTO, no trimmin

1/1520sec, F4, ISO100, EV±0, WB:AUTO, no trimming

With powers to depict a scene that captivate photographers, the GR Lens 28 mm/F1.9.

The camera is outfitted with the high resolution, high contrast, low distortion GR Lens 28 mm/F1.9. The lens has a large aperture, and corrects aberrations of all types without compromise using Ricoh-developed optics design. Thanks to a 6-group, 8-element lens composition and three special low-dispersion lens elements, high resolution and high contrast are realized while chromatic aberration is suppressed. Furthermore, with the two high-precision, aspherical lens elements, there is hardly any distortion that is noticeable.
The optimized coating tamps down on ghosts from backlights and point light sources. The beauties of the Bokeh and of the beams of light that the 7-blade diaphragm produces are also exceptional.

* The focal length is the corresponding value for a 35-mm camera.

GR LENS 28mm/F1.9
MTF curve grahp

An impressive power to depict what you see produced by an even higher resolution.

With the newly-developed image processing engine, the GR ENGINE IV, color noise reductions when taking high-sensitivity photographs have been achieved. The Auto and Multi-P AUTO algorithms for white balance have also been improved, so that the effects of lighting conditions and subject color are controlled, helping to stabilize and reproduce more favorable colors. Since we also tuned up the color balance, even rather casual subjects like white clouds in a blue sky are rendered more impressively, with rich colors.
Furthermore, the image processing algorithm has been optimized and improvements have been made in the optical filter. The quality of resolution has been improved so it vividly renders subjects in great detail.

Diagram of SFR features

Diagram of SFR features

SFR stands for Spatial Frequency Response. SFR is an index for measuring a digital camera's resolution characteristics, including everything from its optics system to image processing.

A high-sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD that boasts of rich tones and low noise.

We used a low-noise, wide dynamic range 1/1.7-inch CCD with 10 effective megapixels. It renders even low-light settings naturally and keeps roughness in control. Shadowed areas are cleanly firmed up, and it also excels at reproducing delicate shading. You can be flexible the way you would expect to with a GR DIGITAL in the photos you take by taking advantage of its functionality to, for example, take handheld snapshots using high ISO sensitivities at night or indoors.

BroadBand (77sec/7.5MB) NarrowBand (77sec/3.8MB) Windows Media Player

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