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  • Auto Flash(Case and stand included)
    (AF540FGZ II)

    A high-power, weather-resistant, dustproof flash unit compatible for movie recording

  • Auto Flash(Case and stand included)
    (AF360FGZ II)

    A high-performanec flash unit featuring an LED light

  • AF160FC Dedicated Auto Macro Flash

  • GPS Unit

    For easy data management. Click here for details

  • AF Frame Matte Focusing Screen
    (DF-80) *included

  • Cross-Lined Matte Focusing Screen

  • AF Golden Mean Matte Focusing Screen

  • Cable Switch

    A shutter-release accessory handy for extended exposures

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

    For a spare battery on the road

  • Battery Charger Kit

    For recharging the exclusive D-LI90 battery

  • AC Adapter Kit

    For power supply from household electrical outlets

  • Waterproof Remote Control

    A weather-resistant remote controller, perfect for the shooting in drizzle and by the water
    *The battery is not changeable

  • Image-Sensor Cleaning Kit

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