Kaworu Kobayashi

Kaworu Kobayashi
Kaworu Kobayashi works as a photographer and creator, and is the president of Enjoy Photo Room. She is a professional who not only takes photos, but also teaches photography using various imaging tools from smartphones to SLR cameras. She is also a creator who gives photo-related advice, plans and supervises various projects, writes articles, and produces and directs a variety of programs. She is co-author of a book entitled Mainichi ga Tanosikunaru Gokinjo Photo no Susume (“Advice on Neighborhood Photography for a Happy Every Day”) published by Nippon Camera Inc.

HD PENTAX-DA 21mmF3.2AL Limited

A 21mm lens (32mm in the 35mm format using with APS-C) has provided me with my favorite angle of view ever since the days of film photography. No matter what camera I own, I first buy a lens with this focal length, and make it my standard-use lens. I feel that this angle of view provides the ideal field of view for capturing ordinary everyday life anywhere in my neighborhood. In fact, I’m confident that this is the lens to use for snapshot photography.

The open aperture of F3.2 is very important in snapshot photography because it allows me to aim the camera and release the shutter without any delay. It also lets me more closely approach the subject. Another benefit of this wide-angle lens is that it also provides a minimum focusing distance of 20 centimeters, so I can close in on the subject and gain greater flexibility in my visual expression. Most compact lenses have a cheap appearance, because they are primarily produced to be lightweight. The PENTAX Limited-series lenses, however, are the exception to this.

Designed for exclusive use with digital cameras, this lens offers an array of outstanding features, such as a sharp, clear image rendition and a well-defined sense of depth.

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By Kaworu Kobayashi