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Advanced image-capture functions
The pinnacle of PENTAX’s devotion to innovative technology

HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mmF2.8-4ED Limited DC WR
Aperture: F4.0 ; Shutter speed: 1/60 sec. ; Exposure compensation: -1.0EV ; ISO sensitivity: 1600 ; White balance: Auto ; Custom image: Bright

SR II in-body, five-axis shake reduction mechanism
Effective camera shake compensation of up to five shutter steps

The PENTAX KP comes equipped with the innovative sensor-shift-type SR II (Shake Reduction II), which assures optimum compensation effect for all lenses. In addition to common camera shake caused by pitch and yaw, this five-axis mechanism also compensates for camera shake caused by horizontal and vertical shift (often generated in macro photography) and camera shake caused by roll, which is difficult to handle by lens-installed shake reduction mechanisms. Thanks to a wide compensation range of five shutter steps,* it benefits a number of handheld applications, such as when using a telephoto lens or shooting in poorly-lit locations, to capture sharp, blur-free images.

* Measured in conformity to CIPA standards, using the smc PENTAX-DA 18-135mmF3.5-5.6 ED AL [IF]DC WR lens at a focal length of 135mm.

[ Compatible with panning shots ]

When taking a panning shot, the PENTAX KP detects the direction of the panning action, then controls the SR II mechanism to compensate for all other affecting vectors. It captures beautiful, high-resolution images both in normal shooting and panning photography, without requiring any switching operation.

12Pitch and yaw 3Roll 
45Horizontal and vertical shift

Smart Function Easy customization of 15 different functions

The PENTAX-original Smart Function lets you select the desired function using the Function dial, then choose the desired setting using the setting dial. This innovative, two-dial operation system greatly improves the camera’s operability. In addition to four preset positions,* the Function dial also provides three custom positions (C1 to C3), to which you can assign the desired functions for instant, single-action switching.

* The following functions are pre-assigned to the preset positions: Disable, AE metering, HDR capture, and continuous shooting mode change.

[ Functions assignable to C1 to C3 positions ]

ISO sensitivity; exposure compensation; bracketing (with a choice of bracketing steps); Custom Image (default setting for C1); AF mode; AF active area; focus peaking; program line; shutter mode selection; recorded pixels; AA-filter simulator (default setting for C2); grid display; LCD display options; image magnification; outdoor view setting (default setting for C3)

1Function Dial  2Setting Dial

AF Customization Optimum control of the autofocus system for active subjects

With the PENTAX KP, you can customize an autofocus action setting depending on the subject. It lets you set the timing of autofocus action from such options as focus/release-priority and advance-speed-priority modes. In the AF hold mode, it provides a choice of three settings based on the duration of AF hold, from the moment the subject leaves the in-focus point to the restart of autofocus operation.

Auto Horizon Correction and Composition Adjustment Handy tools for easy, quick composition of well-balanced images

By taking advantage of its SR mechanism, the PENTAX KP features a pair of advanced image-capture tools. The Auto Horizon Correction function* rotates the image sensor to compensate for the camera’s horizontal tilt based on the data collected by the digital level, making it useful in handheld shooting. The Composition Adjustment function** makes minute adjustment to image composition with a horizontal/vertical shift or rotation of the image sensor. It comes in handy for Live View shooting using a tripod.

* Maximum compensation angle: approx. ±1° with SR activated; approx. ±1.5° without SR
** Maximum horizontal/vertical compensation range: ±1mm (±0.5mm along the axis of rotation); Maximum rotational compensation range: ±1°

ASTROTRACER Effortless tracking and capture of celestial bodies using the SR mechanism

When the optional O-GPS1 GPS Unit is mounted,* the PENTAX KP captures beautiful images of celestial bodies without the aid of an equatorial platform. Based on the data obtained by the GPS unit, it calculates the movement of celestial bodies with great accuracy, then shifts the image sensor in synchronization with this motion. Since it captures stars without a streaking effect even during extended exposures, you can record faint stars as point images.

* The GPS unit must be calibrated before shooting. Click here or consult the operating manual for detailed calibration steps.

smcPENTAX-DA FISH-EYE 10-17mmF3..5-4.5ED[IF]
Aperture: F4.0 ; Shutter speed: 120 sec. ; ISO sensitivity: 400

Compatibility with GPS unit and Electronic Compass Automatic data recording of shooting location and camera position

With the optional O-GPS1 GPS Unit mounted, the PENTAX KP lets you attach Exif data to recorded images, including the location, direction and time of shooting using Universal Time Coordinated. It also features an Electronic Compass to display the direction the camera is facing (true direction after declination adjustment) on the LCD monitor, making it useful during shooting preparations before sunrise or for the accurate spotting of a target mountain in alpine photography.

Read more

Digital Level Accurate, real-time detection of camera tilt for stable image framing

The PENTAX KP’s Digital Level detects and displays the camera’s horizontal and vertical tilt and swing, making it easy to accurately level the scene. During viewfinder shooting, it indicates the horizontal tilt on a bar scale, allowing you to confirm the horizontal alignment of the image without taking your eye from the subject.

Operation Control Lock function Prevention of accidental setting shifts

By assigning the Operation Control Lock function to the Fx button, you can lock certain control buttons and dials to prevent accidental setting changes. The Type 1 mode prevents unwanted shift of exposure settings, while the Type 2 mode temporarily inactivates the operation of the four-way controller and OK and MENU buttons. This safety device lets you concentrate on the shooting by eliminating worries about unexpected operational errors.

Exchangeable grips

Customization of the grip’s shape and hold, with a choice of three grips

The PENTAX KP lets you replace its grip to accommodate a particular lens or suit your preferences in holding comfort or shooting style.*

* The hex wrench needed for grip replacement is included in an optional grip package.
* The Grip L is included in the optional D-BG7 Battery Grip package.

  • Grip L (O-GP1672; optional accessory)Featuring a large body for a firm hold of the camera, this grip is ideal for use with large-aperture telephoto lenses and high-magnification zoom lenses.
  • Grip M (O-GP1671; optional accessory)Excelling in portability and holding balance, this grip works well with standard zoom lenses.
  • Grip S (O-GP167; standard accessory)Sporting a slim body ideal for casual shooting, this grip makes a perfect partner for Limited-series lenses.

Control button customization
More personalized operation with three Fx buttons

The PENTAX KP provides three Fx buttons to which you can assign frequently used functions. You can also customize the function of the AF/AE-L button, or assign a different set of functions to the front and rear e-dials and/or the green button for each exposure mode.


Front e-dial

Sets the operation for each exposure mode.


EV Compensation/Fx3 button

In addition to change the exposure compensation value, Sensitivity, Preview, AE Lock, Change AF Area, One Push File Format, Electronic Level and Operation Control Lock can be assigned.


AF/AE Lock button

AF button sets the operation for AF. AE Lock button sets the operation for AE.


Rear e-dial

Sets the operation for each exposure mode.


Electronic Level/Delete/Fx2 button

In addition to turn the Electronic Level on or off, EV Compensation, Sensitivity, Preview, AE Lock, Change AF Area, One Push File Format and Operation Control Lock can be assigned.


RAW/Fx1 button

In addition to change the file format temporarily, EV Compensation, Sensitivity, Preview, AE Lock, Change AF Area, Electronic Level, Wi-Fi, Night Vision LCD Display and Operation Control Lock can be assigned.


Green button

Resets the value being adjusted.


USER Mode (U1 to U5)
Four preset modes to accommodate varying scenes

The PENTAX KP features a total of five USER Mode positions. You can assign a combination of frequently used functions to each of them based on your photographic theme or creative intention. Four preset combinations are already assigned to U1 to U4 positions for specific purposes such as scenic and macro photography, allowing you to quickly choose the best combination for a given scene or subject.

Default settings U1: HDR landscape / U2: Macro / U3: Astrophoto / U4: Manual lens / U5: No preset combination

D-BG7 Battery Grip Increased number of recordable images and enhanced operability of vertical-position shooting

Available as an optional accessory, the weather-resistant D-BG7 Battery Grip can be powered by the large-capacity D-LI90 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for a great increase in the number of recordable images, in addition to the same standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery as the one used to power the camera body. It also provides a set of control buttons and dials to facilitate vertical-position shooting. It comes with the optional Grip L (O-GP1672).*

* The Grip L is ideally proportioned for use with the D-BG7. The user is advised to replace the standard Grip S with the Grip L when using the D-BG7.

Control panel Customization of screen layout to your preference

The PENTAX KP’s control panel displays a list of the available functions and their status on the LCD monitor, allowing you to confirm current settings at a glance and swiftly change them to accommodate your creative intention or shooting style. You can easily customize the layout to your preference by placing frequently used functions in the most accessible positions.

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