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Compact body with exceptional weather-resistant performance to assure solid, worry-free shooting even under demanding outdoor conditions

HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mmF2.8-4ED Limited DC WR
Aperture: F4.0 ; Shutter speed: 1/80 sec. ; Exposure compensation: -0.7EV ; ISO sensitivity: 800 ; White balance: Auto ; Custom image: Bright

High-precision AE/AF operation at -3EV illumination
Well-defined, sharply focused subjects even in the dark

Shooting in moonlight or candlelight confuses ordinary autofocus systems, while making manual focusing very difficult. Even with low-contrast subjects positioned under dim light, however, the PENTAX KP’s advanced auto-exposure, autofocus system captures the subject in sharp focus and optimum exposure. Coupled with its super-high sensitivity of ISO 819200, it lets you capture well-defined, sharply focused images of low-lit scenes (at an illumination level of -3EV*), without resorting to manual operation.

* Light metering measured at ISO 100 and with a 50mm F1.4 lens; focusing measured at ISO 100, at room temperature and with 25 middle sensors.
* AF operation at -3EV illumination level is available when the phase-matching AF mode is selected during viewfinder shooting.

Compact, slim design
Outstanding portability for casual photography regardless of time or location

PENTAX has devoted much of its effort to the downsizing of the camera body. By optimizing the design of internal components and mechanisms, it has succeeded in packaging exceptional imaging power, supported by original technologies and a host of advanced functions, in the PENTAX KP’s compact, slim body. It assures casual, carefree shooting not only during daily outings, but also on trips and outdoor activities.

Extra-durable, high-rigidity body Magnesium-alloy casing to optimize durability and dependability

The PENTAX KP’s exterior casing is made of highly rigid, lightweight magnesium alloy with remarkable durability and outstanding electromagnetic-shielding performance. Coupled with a high-rigidity, corrosion-resistant metallic chassis, it forms an extremely durable, dependable body structure.

Dustproof, weather-resistant construction
A highly environment-resistant imaging system with a weather-resistant lens

To prevent the intrusion of water and dust into the interior, the PENTAX KP features 67 sealing parts, applied to the control buttons and dials, covers and exterior joints. By mounting an AW- or WR-series lens* and the optional, weather-resistant D-BG7 battery grip, they form a highly airtight digital imaging system that assures dependable performance even under unfavorable weather conditions.*

* AW stands for All Weather (dustproof and weather-resistant construction), while WR stands for Weather Resistant (simplified weather-resistant construction).
** To prevent breakdowns or malfunctions, the user is advised to wipe rain, water and dust off the camera body and dry it completely.

Excellent cold-resistant performance at -10°C
Highly dependable operation even at freezing temperatures

Anticipating use in the bitter-cold winter or high-latitude, low-temperature locations, PENTAX has subjected the PENTAX KP to exacting environmental tests at temperatures as low as -10°C, and gathered a vast amount of data on operational precision, response and stability, as well as fluctuations in battery voltage.* As the result, it assures solid, trouble-free operation when recording valuable scenes.

* Battery performance declines as the temperature goes down. When shooting in cold environments, the user is advised to carry spare batteries, and to keep them warm by storing them in an inside pocket.

DR II (Dust Removal II) mechanism
Effective removal of foreign particles from the image sensor

By applying ultrasonic vibrations generated by a piezoelectric element to the optical glass panel placed in front of the image sensor, this mechanism effectively removes dust particles clinging to the image sensor surface, and prevents annoying dust spots from appearing on captured images.

UV/IR-cut filter

Absorption-type IR-cut glass

Piezoelectric element  

CMOS image sensor

Outdoor-friendly monitor with a red-lighted display function

Easy brightness adjustment for comfortable monitor viewing

The PENTAX KP features an outdoor-friendly LCD monitor whose brightness level can be instantly adjusted to the desired level: brighter during outdoor shooting in sunshine, or dimmer during nightscape photography. Because the monitor settings are assigned to the Function dial as the default setting of the Smart Function, you can quickly set the desired brightness level with a single twist of the dial. This monitor also provides a Night Vision LCD Display function, which prevents eye strain or fatigue after they have become accustomed to a dark location during astronomical and nighttime photography. By assigning this function to the Fx1 button, you can instantly switch the display mode between normal display and Night Vision LCD Display with pushbutton ease.

  • Outdoor-friendly LCD monitor:+2
  • Outdoor-friendly LCD monitor:-2
  • Night Vision LCD Display

Extra-durable shutter unit
Remarkable dependability and exceptional accuracy

The PENTAX KP’s shutter unit has proven its exceptional durability by withstanding a total of 100,000 shutter release actions. It assures outstanding operational precision and exceptional dependability, which are required for extended shooting sessions and demanded by the most exacting photographers.

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