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自分らしさを主張できる、120パターンのColor Variation。

Regular Color

The regular colors (White, Black, Pink) are sold in the standard manner.

  • シルバー
  • ブラック
  • イエロー

Order/purchase steps in the K-50 color ordering system

  • Choose the desired color using the color simulator in the K-50 product brochure or on the PENTAX home page.

  • Specif y the desired color at your local retail store.

  • Your K-50 will be produced upon the reception of your order.

  • PENTAX will deliver your K-50 to your local retail store.
    Note: There may be some delay in certain situations, such as when an excessive number of orders are received.

  • Pick up your K-50 at your local retail store.

Note: The color samples shown in this brochure are computer-simulated, and may differ from actual colors.

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