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  • Auto Flash
    (AF200FG)(Case included)

    Compact yet multi-featured,ideal for all types of shooting sessions

  • Camera Case

    A diagonal zipper for quick removal of the camera from the carrying position

  • GPS Unit

    A high-performance GPS unit for astronomical photography

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

    Compact, lightweight and exclusive for the K-50,handy as a spare battery

  • Battery Charger Kit
    (K-BC109J )

    For easy recharging of the D-LI109 battery

  • AC Adapter Kit
    (K-AC128J )

    Power supply from standard outlets, for extended shooting and playback

  • Remote Control F

    For push-button release from a distance, convenient for nightscapes and family/group photos

  • Waterproof Remote Control

    A weather-resistant remote controller, perfect for the shooting in drizzle and by the water
    *The battery is not changeable

  • AA Battery Holder
    (D -BH109)

    Housing four AA-size batteries to power the K-50

  • Cable Switch

    A shutter-release tool,handy for extended exposures

  • Image Sensor Cleaning Kit

    A cleaning stick for quick, easy removal of dust on the image sensor

  • Magnifier Eyecup

    An eyecup with built-in lens to magnify the viewfinder image

  • Free-Length Strap

    A length-adjustable strap;long enough for cross-shoulder suspension of the camera

  • Hand Strap

    For quick, spontaneous response to every photo opportunity

  • Hand Strap
    Punching White/Leather Beige/Carbon Black

    A firm hold of the camera,for active photographers

  • MF-60
    (standard with K-50)

  • MI-60
    (AF Scale Matte)

  • ML-60
    (AF Cross-Lined Matte)

  • ME-60
    (All-Surface Matte)

  • Kit Lens DA Hood for L18-55mmWR

  • Kit Lens DA Hood for L50-200mmWR

  • Kit Lens DA Hood for L55-300mm

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