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Experiment #02: Using High Contrast B&W mode

The Question:"What kinds of pictures can you take with the CX2's High Contrast B&W mode?"
High Contrast B&W, which lets you take grainy black-and-white photos, is a new photography mode offered by the CX2. What sorts of images can you take in this mode? We performed some experiments to find out.

Director How was the photo exhibition last weekend?
kame It was fantastic.
Monochrome pictures are so cool, aren't they!
Director I am glad that you appreciate black and white photography, Kame!
kame NSome of the photos had a really great grainy texture, but they say that you need to have high-speed film or adjust the developing method to get that look.
Looks like I've got a long way to go before I can take pictures like that…
Director Don’t worry!
All you need is a CX2.
kame Really? You're saying that even I can make pictures that look like that!?
Director Let’s find out? Experiment time!
kame Sure thing!

In this experiment, we'll be walking you through "High Contrast B&W" mode, which gives you black and white images with a grainy look.

#1 Differences between Normal B&W and High Contrast B&W #2 Taking landscape pictures #3 Taking portrait pictures

The Report to the Director

Experimentation Environment

Camera :CX2
Subjects :Small objects, scenery, plants, people