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Experiment #04: Using the CX3 Noise Reduction Function

The Question: What is the noise reduction function?
The CX3's noise reduction function cuts down on noise, which tends to occur in high-sensitivity photography. What difference does this function make, and when does it provide the best results?
We did an experiment to find out.

kame Director! The CX3 ISO sensitivity can go all the way up to 3200, can't it?
Director That's right! Now it's easier than ever to take pictures in dark settings!
kame But wouldn't such a high ISO make the image look all grainy?
Even 1600 makes things rough.
Director You're on to something, Kame - and to solve that problem, the CX3 comes with a special function. It's the noise reduction function, which makes quick work of noise processing on the signal after it is output by the back-illuminated CMOS sensor. It helps cut down on noise, makes your photo look smoother, and cleans everything up. Not bad, eh?
kame Huh! That sounds pretty cool.
Director A picture's worth a thousand words. Time for an experiment!

OK! With that, we'll be taking a closer look at the "noise reduction function," which decreases the amount of noise in high-sensitivity photography.

#1: Looking at the Effects of Noise Reduction #2: Taking Photos Indoors #3: Taking Photos Outdoors

The Report to the Director

Experimentation Environment

Camera :CX3
Subjects :small objects, night scenery, people, food