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Experiment #01: Using the "Miniaturize" feature

The Question:"What kinds of pictures can you take with the CX2's Miniaturize mode?"
Miniaturize mode, which makes real-life scenes appear as though they were miniature dioramas, is a new photography mode offered by the CX2. What sorts of images can you take using this mode? We performed some experiments to find out.

Director What do you think of these pictures? Pretty cool, huh?
kame Wow, sir, how long have you been doing dioramas?
Director Ha, ha, ha! These aren't dioramas! I just took them
from the roof a little while ago!
kame What? These are real!?
You did some editing on the computer, right?
Director No, no. I took them with the compact CX2.
The CX2 has a new "Miniaturize" mode that lets you take pictures that look like model recreations.
kame Wow, that's incredible!
I never thought you could take these kinds of pictures with a compact camera. Mind if I give it a try?
Director Sounds like a good experiment to me! Head out into the field and see what you can take!
kame Right away, sir!

So, in this experiment, we'll be looking at the CX2's "Miniaturize" SCENE mode.

#1 Compare Miniaturize mode and Normal mode #2 Compare different blur ranges The Report to the Director

Experimentation Environment

Camera :CX2
Subject :Scenery