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Experiment #03: Using the Camera Shake Correction Function and Auto High Sensitivity

The Question: When are the camera shake correction function and auto high sensitivity most effective?
To help prevent shaking and blurring, the CX2 features a camera shake correction function and auto high sensitivity. When are these functions most effective?
We did an experiment to find out.

kame Take a look at this picture, Director. It's my friend's baby - so adorable!
Director For all the pictures you take, Kame, there sure are plenty of blurry ones.
kame Well, babies move, don't they?
And using flash can't be good for a baby's eyes.
Director Yeah - this is a pretty tough scene to shoot. Have you tried out the camera shake function and the ISO AUTO-HI setting?
kame Umm...
I turned the camera shake correction function on, but I left ISO on AUTO.
Director Always slacking off when it really counts, aren't you?
This calls for an experiment!
kame Aaah!

In this experiment, we'll be testing out the "camera shake correction function and auto high sensitivity," two features that help cut down on blur.

#1: The camera shake correction function #2: Auto high sensitivity The Report to the Director

Experimentation Environment

Camera :CX2
Subjects :small objects, flowers, people, animals, scenery