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  • High image quality
  • High-speed autofocus
  • Macro and 10.7x optical zoom
  • Shooting modes
  • Movies and continuous shooting
  • Design and usability

Ultra-high-speed autofocus

With ultra-high-speed autofocus time of 0.1 sec., <br />
you won't miss that shutter chance.

Ultra-high-speed autofocus

Combining Contrast AF with an AF sensor for continuously measuring the distance between camera and subject, Ricoh's unique hybrid AF system has taken another step forward. Not only at 28 mm wide-angle but also 300 mm telephoto, the CX6 achieves fast AF focus times of 0.1 sec.* Throughout the entire zoom range, you will be sure to capture that fleeting shutter chance.

  • *AF focusing times were measured under Ricoh measurement conditions.

In addition to previous high-speed continuous shooting functions where the focus is fixed while shooting, the CX6 adds the AF continuous function that focuses for each individual photo shot continuously while the shutter release button is pressed. Continuous shooting speeds of up to 3 frames/sec. are possible.

  • *Continuous shooting speed will vary depending on shooting conditions, card type, card condition, etc.
AF continuous

AE/AF target shift functions provide support
for shooting creativity.

In both normal and macro shooting, the AE (exposure) and AF (focus) targets can be shifted alone or together to any position on the screen. This enables you to take the desired shot by changing focus and exposure settings without moving the camera, even if it is fixed to a tripod.

  • *Simulated image.
AE/AF target shift functions
AE/AF target shift functions

Capture moving subjects clearly
with subject tracking AF.

tracking AF

The camera's focusing system automatically tracks moving subjects, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to press the shutter release button. This feature is ideal for shots of active children and pets, as well as for photographs of flowers and other subjects that demand careful composition.

  • * Simulated image.

face-priority multi-AF system

If faces are detected* while photographing people, priority is given to focusing on the faces. At the same time, exposure and white balance are also optimized for the faces so you will not miss the most appealing expressions of your subjects.

  • *The faces of up to eight people can be detected.

The camera automatically shifts the focus to take pictures
during high-speed continuous shooting. Multi-target AF

Multi-target AF does high-speed consecutive shooting of five images with different focal distances determined by the camera. It is effective for scenes (such as flowers) where there is a narrow range for a sharp focus. The camera automatically decides the five focus points and does the high-speed consecutive shooting of five images while shifting the focus to each point. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus.

  • *The continuously shot still images are recorded together as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file). With MP file images recorded by the CX6, a selected frame can be extracted and saved as an individual JPEG image within the camera.

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