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* The image on LCD is an embedded composite image.

GR II Exclusive Wi-Fi Application

GR Remote

All button and dial operations can be at your command*
*Except power ON and internal flash pop-up.


Uploaded GR Remote version 1.2.1

GR Remote 1.2 Release; Improved Image download operation

  • ・Tap download button on upper right of thumbnail screen. Then start download by tapping thumbnail image. *1
  • ・When enabling "Multi-Select" on Configuration page, it is possible to batch download after selecting the images. *2
Uploaded GR Remote version 1.1.2
Uploaded GR Remote version 1.1.1

Uploaded GR II manual PDFs. Click links below to download.

*1 Operating environment:Chrome(Android/PC/Mac OS), Safari(iOS/Mac OS).Need to click image with Option button.

*2 Operating environment:Chrome(Android/PC/Mac OS). iOS version to be released shortly.


GR Remote uses Wi-Fi to connect the GR II with a smartphone or other communication device. It is an exclusive GR II application that enables you to use the communication device to perform camera shooting and photo display and specify various camera settings.

* The image on LCD is an embedded composite image.

Fully control the GR II from a smartphone

Almost all the settings and operations possible on the GR II itself can be done via GR Remote. Shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, and the GR II’s diverse range of other shooting settings can be easily specified from a smartphone or tablet.
Note: Except power ON and internal flash pop-up.

Special installation not required for the application

GR Remote can be used by just accessing the application URL from your smartphone or tablet using a Web browser. There is also a “cache version” that can be used even when off-line.

Convenient operations

Convenient image browsing is possible with quick thumbnail display, image advance by swiping, display magnification, etc.

Simultaneous control with both camera buttons and application

Even when the camera is being controlled with GR Remote, normal camera operations are possible on the GR II itself. So you won’t miss a shutter chance even when you want to take a quick shot during remote shooting.
Note: Priority is given to the most recent setting change.

GR Remote apps

Please read the user agreement before use.
Usage will be deemed as consent to the user agreement.

GR Remote Initial start-up button

This version is for devices that can simultaneously use Wi-Fi and mobile communications. It is the version recommended for use on an iPhone.

GR Remote [Cache version] Initial start-up button

This version is for devices that cannot simultaneously use Wi-Fi and mobile communications. After the application has been started once, it is cached on the device so after that Internet connection is not necessary. Persons using an Android device or iPod should use this version.
Note: Application download and update may take considerable time in some cases.
Note: Since the application is stored in the device’s HTML application cache, if the browser cache is cleared, it is necessary to do the download again.

Adding the application URL to the home screen makes it easy to start up the application later. If the application is started from the home screen, it operates with a full-screen display Web application format. Web application format is recommended because the GR Remote is optimized for Web application format.

GR Remote Automatic Demo

You can view GR Remote operations.
If you are connecting with the GR II and Wi-Fi, the demo actually controls the GR II so you can view a real automatic demo using your own GR II.

Start-up in separate window

Automatic demo start

Note: Use of Safari or Google Chrome is recommended. If Internet Explorer is used, please use the latest version. With older versions, the demo may not display properly.

Environments where operation is guaranteed (supported OS/browsers)

*as of June, 2015

* Image download is also possible with Image Sync.
* RAW file and movie file download is not supported.
* Conforms to device and browser specifications.
* Working on all iOS/Android devices are not guaranteed.
* When connection error occur with Android device, it may improve with below steps.
1. Turn off mobile data traffic.
2. Change Wi-Fi detail settings. (ex. Turn off Wi-Fi optimization or Wi-Fi stabilizing control, etc.)

Test environment

・Chrome(Windows 10)
・Safari or Chrome(Mac OS X 10.10)
*As of November 2015. Tested browsing and download images only.

* When using the latest version of Chrome on Android, downloading does not start, but pop-up dialog is displayed. When facing this case, please try the following.

Change settings to open image in separate window
Configuration page > Experimental pannel > Change [Download Image in Chrome] to [In New Tab]
Instead of tapping, select [Save link] in the context menu which is shown when holding down the image

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