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Caplio R1

Features4: Use Quick Review to check any image, enlarging it up to 8x* to check the details

Quick Review button

Press the Quick Review button to instantly check a shot. You can enlarge it up to 8x for a thorough confirmation of focus and exposure accuracy.

  • * For use on still images with resolution up to 2304 x 1728

Real-time histogram display gives you an advance view of exposure

real-time histogram display
* Image is simulated

Make sure every shot is properly exposed. The Caplio R1's real-time histogram display shows full exposure details in a neat graphical format.
You can check the data before you shoot, right after you shoot, or later when playing back the image.


Auto bracket and white balance bracket triple your chances of getting the perfect shot

Auto Bracket automatically shoots three images at three different exposure levels, while white balance bracket applies different color tones to the images. Especially under difficult lighting conditions, these features boost your chances of getting exactly the shot you want.


Customize your Caplio R1 with the ADJ button

The ADJ button allows you to adjust exposure, white balance and ISO sensitivity settings with a few easy clicks. You can also customize your camera with this button, positioning frequently used settings such as the photometry system and resolution for instant access.

ADJ button


Easy to see, easy to shoot Large 1.8” 110,000 pixel LCD monitor

LCD monitor
* Image is simulated

The Caplio R1 features an easy to view 110,000-pixel high-precision TFT LCD monitor.

Battery-conserving synchro monitor mode

This convenient function automatically switches off the display when it is not in use, delivering a big gain in battery power conservation.


The Ricoh Caplio is the link to fun and easy digital photography

The Caplio R1 makes digital photography easy for everyone.
Among the many ways it simplifies your photo life is its easy connection with computers.

Caplio R1

Correct images and edit just as you want:

Our new image viewer software features a variety of image correction and editing functions. It's easy to enhance your pictures and organize them.

Direct printing:

Connect your Ricoh Caplio R1 to any PictBridge compatible printer with a USB cable and print directly. No computer necessary.

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