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Higher resolution images,
more advanced movie recording.

Aperture: F4.6, Shutter speed: 1/80 sec, Exposure compensation: +0.5EV, ISO sensitivity: 125, White balance: AWB, SCN: Landscape
Photo by Ichiro Murata

20 effective megapixels, low noise, and a wide dynamic range combine for sharp, highly-resolved pictures.

With approximately 20 effective megapixels, images can be cropped with no apparent drop in resolution. The exceptional quantum efficiency of the back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and the high-performance image-processing engine combine for low-noise, high-quality images. The camera also features a lens with 5× optical zoom and a focal length of about 28 mm (35 mm equivalent) at the widest angle, suitable for a wide range of subjects.

Shoot highly-realistic 4K movies while keeping shake to a minimum with the camera’s powerful shake reduction feature.

Record scenes exactly as they appear to the naked eye in beautiful, highly-realistic 4K (frame size 3840 × 2160 pixels). In addition to a Movie SR mode for normal shake reduction, for HD *1 and Full HD recording the camera now features a new Movie SR+ mode that produces natural footage with so little shake and distortion which seems to be a built-in gimbal stabilizer is equipped. *2,3

*1. Movie SR+ is available during HD recording only at a frame rate of 30 fps.
*2. A “gimbal” is a rotating grip used to keep the camera level and reduce shake during movie recording.
*3. Movies filmed in Movie SR+ mode have an angle of view about 40% narrower than those filmed in Movie SR mode.

*The figures for movies are the total length that can be recorded. The maximum recording time per shooting is 25 minutes or the equivalent of 4GB.

4K Movie

Shake Reduction OFF/Movie SR+ Comparison

Simple movie editing within camera

The movie editing features can be used within camera to create cut-out still images from selected frames or divide footage into individual clips. Movies can even be viewed on a television or other display connected to the camera via Type D HDMI connector.

Fully-featured shooting modes.

A variable-brightness Ring Light, perfect for movie recording and macro photography.

The lens is surrounded by six variable-brightness, individually-controlled LEDs that can be used in a host of various ways such as illuminate the entire subject, eliminating shadows, or directed to add depth by deepening shadows during macro photography. Up to ten times brighter than the RICOH WG-60’s Macro Light, the Ring Light can also be used to illuminate the subject when lighting is poor.

6 LEDs

2 top LEDs only

3 left LEDs only

Possible to use LEDs as subsidiary light for movie recording.

Without LED lights

With LED lights

An easy-to-use Digital Microscope mode.

The WG-6’s Digital Microscope mode makes it easy to take impressive macro photographs that capture details that cannot be resolved by the naked eye. The six-LED Ring Light helps prevent blur by allowing faster shutter speeds.

Note: Image size is fixed at 3M 4:3

Able to capture 3.75 mm × 2.81 mm area in full display screen (maximum magnification)


Selection of 18 scene modes.

Just choose the appropriate option from the camera’s selection of 18 scene modes and let the camera adjust aperture, shutter speed, and other settings to suit the subject.

  • HDR
  • Handheld Night Snap
  • Night Scene
  • Underwater
  • Underwater Movie
  • Landscape
  • Flower
  • Portrait
  • Digital SR
  • Interval Shooting
  • Interval Movie
  • High Speed Movie
  • Surf & Snow
  • Kids
  • Pet
  • Sport
  • Fireworks
  • DOF Composite

DOF Composite

Able to get excellent sharpness from front to back by composing nine frames.

DOF Composite

Take advantage of Image Tone options first popularized on PENTAX SLR cameras.

Choose from five Image Tone options, including Vibrant for colors that are intense, bright, and vivid, and Slide Film for pictures with rich contrast resembling those produced by reversal film.

And a host of other useful features.

Get creative with post-shooting Digital Filters!

Using the camera’s selection of 12 digital filters (B&W/Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft, Fish-eye, Miniature, and Brightness), adjust colors or apply special effects to style existing photos for maximum impact.

Extract Color
High Contrast

Shrink faces with the Small Face Filter!

Retouch photos after shooting to reduce the size of faces relative to everything else. Faces can be reduced in size by approximately 5, 7, or 10 percent.

Note: The desired results may not be achieved under some conditions.

*Image is concept art

Automatically capture smiling faces with Smile Capture!

The camera detects portrait subjects and automatically releases the shutter when it spots the subject smiling.

The camera also detects when the subject is blinking and displays the message, “Closed eyes have been detected” (Blink Detection).

Self-portrait Assist

When the camera detects the face of a portrait subject, the macro LEDs around the lens will light to show your location in the frame. The Smile Capture feature can also be activated during selfies.

Put copyright information directly on your photos.

Photo credits can now be directly imprinted on photos in the form of watermarks. Credits can be up to 32 characters long and include letters, numbers, and punctuation; you can also choose their location as well as the font size and color.

A camera at home on construction sites.

The WG-6 feature a tough chassis and enhanced crushproofing and an easy-to-use design that lets you shoot without taking off your gloves. The powerful Ring Light can be used for photos of poorly-lit worksites or for close-ups showing cracks in concrete, rebar identification markings, and other fine details.

Other Features

Face detection AF & AE for up to 30 subjects/Auto Tracking AF/AF assist light/Continuous shooting/Burst shooting/M-Cont/S-Cont/Auto bracketing/D-Range (dynamic range) options/Self-timer/Ink Rubbing filter/Support for remote control (remote control available separately)

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