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The evolution of the digital SLR:  the PENTAX Q makes the move into the age of nano SLRs!

The PENTAX Q's compact metallic body fits perfectly in your palm, while packing an array of the latest digital SLR technologies.  Every time you change the lens, you discover a new joy in picture-taking. Everywhere you take the PENTAX Q, whole new areas of photography open up right in front of you.  PENTAX has continuously downsized digital SLR cameras to new limits - time after time, and model after model.  Now, the world's smallest, lightest digital interchangeable-lens camera* has been born from the PENTAX legacy.  The PENTAX Q - it's the camera that will completely change the way you take pictures!

* For digital interchangeable-lens-system cameras, as of June 15, 2011 (based on PENTAX research).