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A full array of advanced features in a compact body to enhance image quality and operability
In-body SR system to minimize camera shake with any lens
The PENTAX Qツ痴 sophisticated SR (Shake Reduction) system comes in handy when taking pictures under shake-prone conditions, such as when shooting at dimly lit locations or when using a telephoto lens. It produces sharp, brilliant images by effectively compensating for the camera shake caused by shutter release. This user-friendly, built-in system is compatible with all Q-mount lenses.
LCD monitor (3:2/HVGA) with grid display
The PENTAX Q incorporates a wide-view, 3.0-inch LCD monitor with an approximately 100% field of view. This monitor features a grid display to facilitate image framing, a histogram display to indicate a brightness level distribution, and an overexposure/underexposure warning to enhance accuracy in image alignment and exposure control.
Built-in auto flash with pop-up mechanism to eliminate lens shadow
The built-in auto flash is synchronized to shutter speeds as high as 1/2000 second, and covers a discharge angle as wide as that of a 28mm lens (in the 35mm format). It also features advanced flash functions, such as slow-shutter synchronization to capture both the subject and the background in proper exposure at sunset scenes, and trailing-shutter-curtain synchronization to leave a natural trace of light with a moving subject. You can use this flash at both pop-up and storage positions.
Top shutter speed of 1/2000 second and five-frames-per-second burst shooting
The PENTAX Q offers a top shutter speed of 1/2000 second (or 1/8000 second in combination with a digital shutter) to freeze the split-second action of a moving subject, such as athletes in motion or children on the run. Its burst shooting mode provides high-speed continuous shooting at a maximum speed of five images per second, allowing you to capture the movement of an active subject in a series of images.
High-precision AF system with face-detection and auto-tracking options for pinpoint focusing in the dark,
The PENTAX Q's sophisticated 25-point AF system captures the subject with great precision and speed. You can not only shift the focus frame and change its size, but also takes advantage of such application-specific AF options as face detection, auto tracking and spot focus. The AF spotbeam projector enhances autofocusing accuracy in the dark. In MF mode, you can magnify the central area of the LCD monitor by up to four times for extra-minute manual focusing.
Functional white-balance control system featuring creative options
In addition to the AWB (Auto White Balance) mode that assures true-to-life reproduction of white areas, the PENTAX Q features eight preset white-balance modes, including: the CTE mode which, in sharp contrast to the AWB mode, emphasizes the predominant color of a particular scene, such as greens in the forest or reds in the sunset; and the Manual mode that allows extra-fine white-balance adjustment at a given location.
Multiple exposure for simple, computer-free composition of eye-catching images
This creative function lets you take two to nine images and easily synthesize them into a single piece of artwork. After every shutter release, the camera's quick view function displays a synthesized image on the LCD monitor. The camera also automatically optimizes the overall exposure level after all images are synthesized into a single picture.
Dynamic-range expansion for well-defined shadows and highlights
When faced with high-contrast scenes, the PENTAX Q expands the dynamic range to retain sufficient gradation across the entire image. Shadow compensation prevents pitch-black areas caused by backlight and shadows, while highlight compensation eliminates washed-out areas in white clothes and clouds.
Supersonic-vibration dust-removal mechanism for spotless images
This innovative mechanism eliminates annoying dust spots on recorded images by removing all dust particles clinging to the CMOS image sensor by the force of supersonic vibrations. The mechanism can be automatically activated every time the camera is switched on, or at any time of your choice.
Interval shooting of up to 999 images
This unique mode automatically captures a series of images at fixed intervals and over a preprogrammed period, making it ideal for fixed-observation of such subjects as a blooming flower or the flow of people walking through a town. You can record up to 999 images in a single sequence, and also set the start time in advance.
In-body RAW data development
The PENTAX Q develops RAW-format images and saves them as JPEG-format files, without the need of a PC. You can not only make fine adjustment and minute compensation on captured images, but also change their aspect ratio. It also offers a buffer RAW memory function to save captured JPEG-format images as RAW-format files.
Sophisticated metering system with three metering patterns
The PENTAX Q's advanced multi-pattern metering system automatically sets proper exposure for a given subject or scene even under difficult lighting conditions, such as when photographing people against harsh backlight. In addition, it offers center-weighted metering and spot metering as options, allowing you to select the metering mode that's best suited to your subject or preference.
Green button for instant recall of an often-used function
You can assign a frequently used mode or function to the green button positioned on the camera's back panel. Assignable options include: the preview function to check the depth of field; one-touch RAW+ mode to simultaneously record an image in both JPEG and RAW formats; and thumb-trigged AF activation.
Silkypix Developer Studio3.0 for PENTAX
This versatile software lets you perform a range of image-editing functions on your personal computer - from basic control of exposure and white balance to more advanced color conversion and lens aberration compensation. Its intuitive control system optimizes the potential of RAW-format images to produce beautiful, high-quality digital images.
Silkypix Developer Studio3.0 for PENTAX