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“Premium Small” lens-interchangeable camera



PENTAX Q-S1 Color Simulator
A choice of 40 fashionable color combinations to personalize your PENTAX Q-S1.

A solid lineup of Q-mount lenses
Versatile lens-interchangeable system, to assure the optimum perspective and desired.
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Multi-featured, lens-interchangeable and super compact, the PENTAX Q-S1 enhances the fun and excitement of digital photography

If you want to preserve the precious moments unfolding before you in beautiful images, the super-compact PENTAX Q-S1 is the perfect choice because it’s easy to carry on every outing.
Its classic, refined design suits all occasions in your life, while lens interchangeability extends the boundary of creative expression beyond your expectations.
The PENTAX Q-S1 adds new discoveries and inspirations to your daily photography.

Special thanks : ZETAS GARDEN

  • Super-compact body with refined, top-quality design, perfect for every outing and occasion

    The PENTAX Q-S1's super-compact body is perfect for carrying around. Complemented with a smooth yet durable synthetic-leather front sheet and high-grade metallic parts, it is designed to be both classic and functional.

  • Excetional image quality and high performance, to enhance the fun of creative photography

    The PENTAX Q-S1 delivers the two most distinctive benefits of a lens-interchangeable digital camera: exceptional image quality and outstanding operability. An array of shooting functions, including Digital Filters and Smart Effects, add creative flexibility.

  • Versatile lens-interchangeable system, to assure the optimum perspective and desired visual effects

    The PENTAX Q-S1 optimizes the benefit of lens interchangeability, by accepting a selection of interchangeable lenses — both in the High-Performance lens series with top-grade optics and in the Unique Lens series with unique perspectives and specialized applications.

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Effective Pixels Approx. 12.4 megapixels
Image Sensor Type: CMOS sensor with a primary color lter, Size: 1/1.7-inch
Compatible Lenses Q-mount lenses
Dimensions Approx.105mm (W) x58mm (H) x34mm (D) (excluding the operation parts and protrusion)
Weight Approx.203g (loaded and ready with the dedicated battery and SD Memory Card), Approx.183g (body only)


  • PENTAX Q-S1 Body Kit

  • PENTAX Q-S1 Zoom Lens Kit

  • PENTAX Q-S1 Double Zoom Kit



Q-S1 Accessories

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