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Electronic Compass

For display and recording of the camera' s direction at shooting

The O-GPS2's Electronic Compass function displays the camera's precise direction at the time of shooting on the camera's LCD monitor.

645Z 645D K-3 Mark III - KF KP
K-3 K-5II K-5IIs K-5 K-S2
K-S1 K-70 K-50 K-30 K-r

■GPS-guided compass to assure accurate pointing of true north

The O-GPS2' s Electronic Compass is not only useful in all types of outdoor activities, but it is also extremely dependable in astronomical photography, since it tells you true north regardless

The O-GPS2 points true north with unfailing accuracy by compensating the direction of geomagnetism detected by the built-in magnetic sensor with the magnetic variation of a given spot calculated using GPS location data.

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