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FEATURE1 A new system bringing portability to power of expression FEATURE2 Shooting functions that set free your photo creativity FEATURE3 An even more sophisticated level of direct operability

Shooting Functions

Quicker, surer, and more beautiful Camera evolution comes this close to the human eye.

ISO3200 sensitivity, a strong ally in shooting dark scenes and preventing subject blur

You can turn off the flash to shoot images that preserve an ambient-light atmosphere. You can prevent subject blur. The GXR has a maximum ISO3200 setting for all camera units. Through the synergy effects generated by combining a high-sensitivity image sensor with an advanced image processing engine, you can get natural-looking images with a low-noise feel even at high sensitivity levels. In addition to the AUTO setting leaving the sensitivity level up to the camera, you can select AUTO-HI, which allows the photographer to define the maximum automatic setting allowed, or manually specify the sensitivity yourself.

Freedom to create the best image quality. Image settings adjustable to 9 levels

Image settings include Vivid, Standard, Natural, Black & White, B&W (TE), and Setting. In addition, for Black & White, B&W (TE), and Setting, the contrast and sharpness can be adjusted to 9 levels. When photographs are to be printed and framed, you can increase the sharpness to give a "crisp" feel, or create a more natural-feeling resolution by reducing sharpness for images to be printed in a large format. With this ability to specify settings at many levels across a wide range, you will be free to delicately fine tune images to match your preferences and goals.

Seize that shutter chance. Full press snap

With this quick-shooting function, a one-push full-press of the shutter-release button instantly takes the shot, skipping the usual AF operation. For full press snap on the GXR, it is possible to select from the following focus distances: 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m, 5 m, or infinity. This ability to precisely define the steps enables the GXR to fine tune shooting style for a variety of focus distances between camera unit and subject. Even if a snap focus distance is defined, AF operates when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway. Pressing it the rest of the way then takes the picture using AF.

  • *ON/OFF can be selected. This setting is only possible when focus is set to Multi AF or Spot AF.
  • *The focus distance can be changed by rotating the up-down dial while pressing the macro button.

The focus is ready when you are. Pre-AF

The GXR automatically identifies the subject and continues to focus. So when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, the lens is already at a focus distance close to optimum. Since the focusing is quickly done, you can shoot with greater ease.

  • *ON/OFF can be selected. This setting is only possible when focus is set to Multi AF or Spot AF.

Natural images closer to what the eye sees. Multi-pattern auto white balance

A subject illuminated by flash and a background of incandescent light. A subject in bright sun and a background in shadow. With traditional white balance functions that apply an average white balance to the entire frame, when there are areas with two different color temperatures, it is likely that one of them will end up converted to an unnatural color. The GXR uses multi-pattern auto white balance, which segregates the image into multiple areas and applies the optimum white balance to each. Therefore, even if the subject and background have different white balance values, they are both reproduced with natural colors.

Don't miss the moment. M-continuous plus

In addition to the regular continuous shooting function, the GXR has M-continuous plus. The camera shoots continuously while the shutter-release button is pressed, and it records the 30 still images shot just before the instant you remove your finger from the shutter-release button. Shooting continuously, you can be sure you will be ready when that unforeseeable moment arrives. Continuous shooting speed with the GR LENS A12 50 mm camera unit is 24 frames/second for 1 second, and with the RICOH LENS S10 24-72 mm camera unit you can select from M-Cont Plus (HI), at 30 frames/second for 1 second, or M-Cont Plus (LO), at 15 frames/second for 2 seconds.

  • *The consecutively shot images are recorded as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file). With MP file images recorded by the GXR or CX2, a selected frame can be extracted and saved as an individual JPEG image within the camera.

Accurate camera leveling for stable composition. Tilt indicator

When photographing nature, it can be difficult to determine if the camera is level, and shooting at night may be no visual clues to judge by. Even in such situations, the tilt indicator makes it possible to find the precise level position. It is also useful for preventing camera tilt during daytime street photography in which line of sight tends to converge on the subject. You will see a change in the stable feel of your image composition.

* Simulated image

Three grid guides

In addition to the traditional three-by-three grid guide that is said to provide a stable feel to the image, two other grid patterns are also provided. The four-by-four grid with diagonal lines is effective for finding the center of the subject when photographing buildings or products. With the center of the frame left clear, the two-by-two grid makes it easier to shoot moving subjects. From among the three grid guides, chose the one that is best for your subject and shooting style.

grid guide1 grid guide2 grid guide3

Other functions

  • Pixel output interpolation algorithm suppresses whiteout and expands the dynamic range of bright areas.
  • Noise reduction increases image quality during high-sensitivity shooting.
  • Distortion correction reduces the distortion that is characteristic of wide-angle lenses.
  • AE/AF target selection provides greater freedom in framing and creative use of light.
  • Auto bracketing and white balance bracketing are effective for scenes where setting decisions are difficult.
  • Color bracketing simultaneously records black and white and tinted monochrome images, each with a different feel.
  • Manual flash amount enables the control of subject and background light balance.
  • Flag function enables registration of up to 20 images for easy viewing later.

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