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1/1000 sec, F2.8, ISO200, 0EV, WB: Daylight, Standard,

Further expand the expressive world

Image Control for pure image creation enjoyment

Featuring a creative Image Control function, which integrates effect modes into conventional image setting operations. Using 12 basic Image Control modes, the user can easily adjust various parameters to create photos the way you like. The parameter includes the saturation, hue, high/low key adjustment, contrast, contrast (highlight and shadow), sharpness, shading, clarity, toning, filter effect, grain effect*, HDR tone level and color tone*.
● Parameters that can be adjusted differ depending on the selected Image Control option.

*The latest firmware is required to use the full feature. Click here for more details.

Positive Film
Negative Film*
Soft Monotone
Hard Monotone
Hi-Contrast B&H
Bleach Bypass
HDR Tone
Cross Processing*

“DOF Priority (Deep)” Program Line that is perfect for shooting with pan focus

Program Line includes [DOF Priority (Deep)].
This is a Program Line that maintains priority for a closed aperture (GR III*: F8.0, GR IIIx: F11) when shooting in the program mode. It deepens the depth of field and, when combined with the [Snap] setting of the focus mode, enables you to easily take pan-focus shots.
* The latest firmware is required to use the full feature with GR III. Click here for more details.

1/4 sec, F11, ISO400, 0EV, WB: Shade, [GR IIIx]

Macro mode, enabling close-up shots with the camera alone

Simply press the macro button to take close-up shots using autofocus. The focus range is 6 to 12 cm (GR III) and 12 to 24 cm (GR IIIx) from the front of the lens. You can enjoy impressive close-up photos with rich bokeh effects.
● The macro mode and normal mode must be switched manually.
● The camera also switches to the macro mode and autofocus is enabled even when the focus mode is set to [Snap] or [∞].

1/30 sec, F2.8, ISO400, 0EV, WB: Color Temperature, [GR III]

1/125 sec, F2.8, ISO200, 0EV, WB: Daylight, [GR IIIx]

Capture star trails with the surrounding scenery even in the city with interval composite shooting

The setting items is specialized for star trail shooting. You can select this feature from drive modes for instant shooting. No need to set shooting interval of continuous shooting. Star trails can be set in 10 minute intervals (up to 24 hours), or you can choose from an unlimited shooting time. In addition, you can select many other settings such as saving interim images, set the trigger starting time and more.
● Use a tripod. Note that slow shutter speed noise reduction and SR are turned off.
● Focus, exposure, and white balance are fixed at the value of the first shot.

4 sec, F2.8, ISO200, 0EV, WB: Color Temperature, [GR III]

Instantly manipulate the view and expand your range of expression with the crop mode

Using the crop mode enables you to shoot compositions equivalent to having 3 lenses in a single camera. Images are recorded at an angle of view equivalent to a focal length of 35 mm or 50 mm with GR III and equivalent to a focal length of 50 mm or 71 mm with GR IIIx. Using the GR III and GR IIIx together covers from wide angle focal lengths to medium telephoto focal lengths. This expands the range of expression from wide angle shots with a sense of realism that capture a great deal of background information to medium telephoto shots suitable for such things as portraits and natural standard shots that resemble the actual subject.
● The focal length is equivalent in 35 mm format.
● Number of recorded pixel will change depending on the crop size. For more detail please see here



Capture dreamlike shots with multi-exposure

There is no longer a frame limit for compositing when shooting. Composited results can be viewed in a transparent display so you can check the composition while overlaying another frame. You can change the exposure parameter*, shoot, reshoot, and finish shooting for each shot to easily create exactly the type of photo you have in mind.
* Exposure compensation, ISO speed, aperture, and shutter speed can be adjusted based on the exposure mode set for the first frame. The white balance cannot be changed.

1/1250 sec, F5.6, ISO100, 0EV, WB: Daylight, [GR IIIx]

Built-in ND filter that can be turned on/off

This model is equipped with a built-in ND filter that provides two stops of exposure. Simply change the settings to defocus the background even in bright outdoor shots at the maximum aperture setting and express subject movement with a slow shutter speed for a rich variety of photographic expressions.

1/4 sec, F8.0, ISO100, 0EV, WB: Daylight, [GR IIIx + GT-2]

Full-featured metering modes including highlight-weighted option

[Multi-segment], [Center-weighted], [Spot], and [Highlight-weighted] is available as a metering method. [Highlight-weighted] helps keep the exposure even, suppressing highlight blowouts in subjects illuminated by spotlights and high-contrast subjects.

1/400 sec, F4.0, ISO100, 0EV, WB: Daylight, [GR IIIx]

Enjoy image finishing via in-camera RAW processing without using a PC

RAW format data can be processed on the camera and saved as a JPEG file. Tune the photo exactly the way you want using just the camera, adjusting the recorded pixels, aspect ratio, white balance, Image Control and sensitivity.
In addition, you can choose to inherit the parameters set after development, which allows you to efficiently fine-tune the image once it has been developed*.
*The latest firmware is required to use the full feature with GR III. Click here for more details.

P-TTL auto sync flash for versatile lighting

An external flash can be used to shoot at full synchronization speed.
PENTAX P-TTL auto flash (optional)* is supported for high-precision auto sync using a pre-flash. This makes it possible to use bounce flash and daylight sync for a greater range of photographic expression.
*Supported flash units: auto flash AF540FGZ II, AF360FGZ II, AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ, AF201FG, AF200FG.

Conversion lenses that expand the focal length from super wide angle to medium telephoto

The Wide Conversion Lens GW-4* (optional) is dedicated with GR III. Attaching this lens to GR III, it widens the angle to an equivalent focal length of 21 mm. This enables shots with dynamic expression that make full use of the enhanced perspective and wide angle of view.

The newly developed Teleconversion Lens GT-2** (optional) is also exclusively available for GR IIIx. Using this lens with GR IIIx in the crop mode provides an equivalent focal length of 75 mm*** and enables photos that express a feeling of tension similar to when gazing at the subject.
*The Lens Adapter GA-1 (optional) is required to attach the Wide Conversion Lens GW-4 to the camera. GA-1 cannot be used on the GR IIIx.
** The Lens Adapter GA-2 (optional) is required to attach the Teleconversion Lens GT-2 to the camera. GA-2 cannot be used on the GR III.
*** The focal length when [Crop] is set to [50mm]. When [Crop] is set to [71mm], the equivalent focal length is 107 mm.
● The focal length is equivalent in 35 mm format.

GR III1/60 sec, F5.6, ISO400, 0EV, WB: Daylight, [GR III + GW-4]

GR IIIx1/160 sec, F2.8, ISO400, 0EV, WB: Color Temperature, [GR IIIx + GT-2]

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