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35mm Compact Cameras: ESPIO 80V
38mm-80mm Zoom Range, Ideal for Casual Snapshots
Within its compact, lightweight body, the ESPIO80V incorporates a high-performance 38mm-80mm zoom lens, which offers an approximately 2X zoom range with focal lengths ideal for casual snapshots. Its two aspherical lens elements contribute to the camera's downsizing, while minimizing aberrations for beautiful pictures.
Functional Design with Easy Operation
The ESPIO80V's body is ergonomically designed for maximum holding comfort, while its large zoom lever and accessible mode button are ideally positioned for effortless fingertip operation.
Large LCD Panel for At-a-Glance Data Confirmation
Conveniently located on the top panel, the large LCD panel displays basic photographic data, such as exposure mode and exposure frame number, for easy confirmation.
A Variety of User-Friendly Features for Convenience and Creativity
The ESPIO80V offers a range of features and functions to accommodate your photographic requirements, including a slow-shutter sync flash mode for beautiful flash portraits with natural illumination in the background, an infinity-landscape mode to shoot through window glass or capture spectacular landscape, and a self-timer to share special moments with your family or friends.
Other Outstanding Features
• Zoom macro to capture beautiful close-up images from 0.8 meters away
• Built-in auto flash with red-eye reduction function*
• Clear, bright actual-image zoom viewfinder
• A stylish, gray-colored body

* This feature does not eliminate "red eyes" in all instance.

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