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35mm SLR Cameras: MZ-60
User-Friendly Picture Programs with Pushbutton-Easy Model Selection
Featuring six distinctive Picture Programs, the MZ-60 lets you create the ideal visual effect for your subject with pushbutton ease. Just select the pictograph corresponding to the desired mode on the LCD panel using the mode button, and the MZ-60 does the rest. You're free to concentrate on your subject and enjoy the world of SLR photography, without worrying about complicated exposure adjustments.
Versatile Multi-Mode Exposure System for Greater Creativity
In addition to the six Picture Programs, the MZ-60 offers Shutter-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE and Metered Manual modes to optimize your creativity. It also comes equipped with useful features designed to simplify highly advanced photographic techniques, including auto bracketing to capture the subject at three different exposure levels and bulb timer to prevent camera shake during extended exposures without use of an optional cable switch.
Built-In Flash with Automatic Pop-Up and Discharge
When the MZ-60 detects insufficient light levels in any of the Picture Programs, its built-in flash automatically pops up and makes a discharge to properly expose your subject.
Other Outstanding Features
• Simple, easy-to-understand LED viewfinder indication
• Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen for a clear, bright viewfinder image and easy focus confirmation
• An array of user-friendly features and advanced functions, combined with outstanding cost performance

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