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Cost-effective model


Cost-effective series, best suited for beginners, that provides a bright and clear view.

  • ◆Porro prism type binoculars with large objective lenses that produce a bright view with a sense of depth
  • ◆The latest design that seeks greater ease-of-use in terms of easier focus adjustment and improved grip on the binoculars body
  • ◆Attachable to a tripod using the optional Tripod Adapter TP-3
  • Porro prism
  • Rubber coat
  • Tripod socket provide
  • JUPITER 8x40

  • JUPITER 10x50

  • JUPITER 12x50

  • JUPITER 16x50

  • Why not finding a binocular that matches you perfectly? How to select binoculars based on information from basic knowledge, such as magnification and aperture, to product features is introduced.

  • PENTAX binoculars have been in the world since 1938. Experience the clarity made possible by trusted optical performance and revolutionary coating techniques.

  • Why can you see near or far so crispy with Papilo binoculars? Here is the answer!


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