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“Z”-the only medium- format digital camera equipped with both image quality and mobility.“Z”-the only medium- format digital camera equipped with both image quality and mobility.

Quick Response

The mobility-what was missing from medium-format digital cameras.

Quick response and operation have been achieved by renewing the entire image processing performance. In addition to Auto Focus, image processing, the operation of Instant Review display has been significantly fastened, comparing to the PENTAX 645D. Also, the large-capacity buffer memory is equipped, and the writing time to the memory card has become less, which help you smoothly take a number of RAW-format images with continuous shooting. These features make it possible to continue releasing the shutter with a comfort that had not been possible on medium-format cameras. The PENTAX 645Z is ideal for portrait and moving subject photography.

An advanced Auto Focus system for high precision

The AF system used on the PENTAX 645Z is SAFOX 11. Diffraction lenses are used in the optical system for aberration suppression. By sharpening images on the sensor, superb focusing precision is achieved. A light source detection sensor is also included for thorough cancellation of even minute influence on AF from specific artificial light sources. This precision focusing and response system perfectly matches the needs of high-resolution images.

Superb focusing precision
F2.8 beam compatible AF

The three AF points at the center of the screen support F2.8 beam AF. When using a lens with a maximum aperture value of F2.8, a high focusing precision is possible. This is especially effective for when you want to make a depth of field extremely shallow or to make severe focus in shots.

Capture dark subjects that are difficult to see
-3EV compatible AF

By using a high-sensitivity AF sensor, a low luminance limit of -3EV is achieved (25 center points). Even with darker subjects that are difficult to see, this AF provides smooth and accurate focusing for a greater range of scenes.

Superb subject sensing capability
27 AF points

27 AF points are placed. 25 of those points are cross-type focus points equipped with line sensors in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The excellent sensing capability of this function applies to all subjects.

The camera analyzes the subject and optimizes function linkage and control
Pentax Real Time Analysis System

This feature detects the color distribution in the screen, subject color, and its movement, and optimizes automatic linkage and control of AE, AF and white balance. The backbone of this is the scene analysis system that links the approx. 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor and PRIME III. By comprehensively analyzing scenes, high-precision and stable shooting is possible.

Faithfully captures color, shape, and movement for precise analysis
Approx. 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor

The PENTAX 645Z uses approximate 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor which captures scenes on a real-time basis, detecting brightness, color, and movement on a scale so finely that it is on a different dimension than the traditional 77 zone metering system. The low-luminance limit is -1EV (ISO 100/55mm, F2.8). This feature achieves a high accuracy of exposure control even with a low illumination.

*Referential image to describe metering functions.

Favorable color reproduction in all areas of the image
Multi-pattern Auto WB

The PENTAX 645Z is equipped with Multi-Pattern Auto WB, which divides the screen into small sections and applies the optimal white balance to each. This function resolves the color temperature differences due to differing light sources, shadow, and sunlight, and provides stable color reproduction that looks similar to the way scenes appear to the naked eyes.

High-speed file writing
Dual slot

The dual slots conform to the UHS-I standard. With high-speed writing, buffer clearing time is shortened, contributing to quick shooting. Additionally, files are written sequentially to two separate card slots for recording duplicates, and RAW/JPEG separation. Eye-Fi cards and FLU cards (O-FC1, optional / Discontinued)can also be used.

Note: Eye-Fi and FLU cards(Discontinued) with wireless LAN functions can be used in SD2 slot.

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