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The K-50 Lets You Capture Images in Your Style

Dual electronic dials for
effortless fingertip control

A pair of electronic dials are strategically positioned — one at the front and another to the back of the camera grip — to allow instant shift of aperture and shutter speed with fingertip control. This intuitive control system makes picture-taking more fun and spontaneous than ever before.

An array of customization features to
personalize camera operation

The most frequently used functions often differ from user to user. That’s why the K-50 offers the flexibility of assigning user-preferred functions to the two electronic dials and the RAW/Fx and AF/AE-L buttons. By assigning a function demanding frequent setting changes to your choice of dial or button, you are assured of speedy, intuitive control. You can also assign your favorite settings to the USER mode to eliminate the need to set individual functions separately.

Flexible exposure system for easy control of light
and shadow, bokeh effect and subject motion

The K-50’s Hyper Program mode lets you choose one of the three auto-exposure modes (Program, Aperture-priority and Shutter-priority) without the need to turn the mode dial. The K-50’s comprehensive exposure control system also offers such options as the Metered Manual (with Hyper Manual control for simplified manual exposure operation), Sv (Sensitivity-priority) and TAv (Shutter and Aperture-priority) modes to satisfy individual preferences.

Hyper Program

Hyper Manual

D-range setting for effective compensation of
extreme highlights and shadows




Custom images to add distinctive
finishing touches

The K-50’s custom image mode lets you choose the desired finishing touch for a captured image, from a choice of 11 custom images including Vibrant, Radiant and Bleach Bypass. With each custom image, you can make minute adjustment of the base parameters to further customize the effect.

Reversal Film


Bleach Bypass


Note: The base parameters of each custom image are adjustable, including saturation, hue, key, contrast, sharpness, filter effect (Monochrome only), tone (Bleach Bypass, Monochrome and Muted only).

Digital level for pinpoint detection of inclination

The high-precision digital level detects and indicates the horizontal and vertical inclination of the camera at a glance, useful for ensuring the precise horizontal or vertical alignment of the camera in landscape photography. In addition to the indication on the LCD monitor, the inclination is also displayed on the exposure bar scale in the viewfinder.***

*** Vertical inclination is not indicated on the viewfinder display.

Note: In the LCD monitor, horizontal inclination is indicated at bottom, while vertical inclination is displayed on the right.

Automatic horizon correction to compensate for a minute slant of the frame

Each time the shutter is released, the K-50 automatically compensates for any undetectable horizontal slanting of the image field. The camera detects its inclination at the moment of exposure, then rotates the CMOS image sensor to a level position using the SR mechanism. This function comes in handy during handheld shooting, when the photographer often tilts the camera unintentionally.
Note: The maximum compensation angle is ±1.5 degrees with SR on, or ±1 degree with SR off.

Composition adjustment to make fine framing

This function allows you to make minute adjustment of framing by rotating and/or shifting the CMOS image sensor without the need to remove the K-50 from a tripod. By eliminating the need to adjust the tripod, it makes framing adjustments speedy and effortless.

Compatibility with GPS unit for the tracking
of nature and celestial bodies

The K-50 is compatible with the optional O-GPS1 GPS unit. When installed on the K-50 camera body, this unit records the latitude, longitude and altitude of a shooting location on a captured image for easy image filing and quick data search. It can also display an electronic compass to point the exact direction the camera is facing. It even offers the ASTROTRACER function, which automatically synchronizes the camera’s CMOS image sensor with the movement of celestial bodies based on the GPS data. As the result, you can capture faint stars as solid points, rather than blurry streaks.

Note: The Simple Navigation function is not available with the K-50.

Compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless LAN
memory cards

Since the K-50 accepts Eye-Fi wireless LAN memory cards, you can make wireless transfer of captured images to a smartphone or personal computer. The user has a choice of Eye-Fi transfer mode from AUTO (automatic transfer of unsent images), SELECT (transfer of user-selected images) or OFF (no image transfer made).

Popular RAW-data development and image-processing software included
SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 LE

This software develops RAW-format data, and saves the results as JPEG- or TIFF-format files. Based on the acclaimed SILKYPIX® data processing engine, it features high-speed development of the RAW-format files captured by the K-50, including exposure and white-balance adjustments and advanced color conversion. It also has a simple-to-command user interface, for flawless, intuitive control.

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