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The K-50 Brings Inspiration and Excitement to Active Photographers

Large, easy-to-view viewfinder with nearly 100%
field of view and 0.92-times magnification

Thanks to the incorporation of a high-quality glass pentaprism, the K-50’s optical viewfinder offers an approximately 92% magnification to assure a large, clear view of the subject — even with the fast-moving subjects found in sports. In addition, the viewfinder offers a nearly 100% field of view for quick, accurate image composition.

Glass pentaprism

K-50’s viewfinder (0.92-times magnification)

K-r’s viewfinder (0.86-times magnification)

11-point AF for speedy, pinpoint focusing
on the subject

With its 11 sensor points, the K-50’s AF system lets you compose the image exactly the way you like it. It features nine cross-type sensors in the middle for accurate, unfailing detection of the subject.

Nine cross-type sensors () are positioned in the middle.

77-segment multi-pattern metering for faithful
reproduction of high-contrast scenes

The K-50’s advanced metering system makes extremely accurate measurement of illumination levels across the image field. By assessing such factors as the camera’s alignment (horizontal or vertical), the subject’s distance and position, and the lens’s magnification, it then calculates the optimum exposure level for a given scene, assuring the best balance between subject and background, highlights and shadows. The K-50 also offers the option of center-weighted and spot metering.

Grid pattern of 77-segment multi-pattern metering

Light distribution of 77-segment
multi-pattern metering

Select-area expansion to track
a moving subject

When photographing a moving subject in the AF.C (Continuous) mode, this function keeps tracking the subject even when it moves away from a pre-assigned select point by assessing the distance data collected by neighboring focus sensors. This prevents erroneous focusing on the background.

When the central sensor is selected as a select point, the eight neighboring sensors are used to assist the tracking. The activated sensors are highlighted in pink on the status screen.

The sensor point shifts automatically (as does the superimposed select point), as the subject moves away. (Note: Only the in-focus point is displayed on the actual status screen.)

SAFOX IX i+ AF module
for exceptional autofocusing accuracy

The K-50 features the state-of-the-art SAFOX IX i+ as its AF module. It assures extra-accurate autofocusing by minimizing chromatic aberrations within the module with the use of a refraction lens. Its light source sensor also compensates for the minute focusing errors caused by the different wavelengths of various sources. Because of this, the K-50 captures the subject in sharp, crisp focus, even under artificial light sources.

1/6000-second high-speed shutter to
freeze the action

With its top speed of 1/6000 second, the K-50’s high-speed shutter lets you freeze the split-second action of fast-moving subjects, such as athletes and pets. When shooting in bright sunshine, it also lets you open up an aperture to intentionally throw the background out of focus without overexposing the subject.

High-speed burst shooting at six images per second for the best shot of a moving subject

The K-50’s burst shooting mode captures a maximum of six images in a single second.* Whether it’s composition, focus or expression, this mode gives you a better chance of capturing the best shot of a moving subject within a series of recorded images.







* When using the D-LI109 battery. Approximately five frames per second with AA-size lithium batteries.

DR mechanism to always keep the image sensor clean

The surface of the CMOS image sensor is treated with PENTAX-original SP (Special Protect) coating to minimize the clinging of dust. Any dust that does adhere to the surface is then effectively removed by the DR (Dust Removal) mechanism, which shakes the dust off the sensor using high-speed vibration to prevent any annoying dust spot from appearing on captured images.

Weather-resistant, dustproof,
cold-resistant body for dependable
performance even in harsh conditions

Since the K-50 features a dependable weather-resistant, dustproof construction, you can bring the camera along for all kinds of picture-taking, regardless of location or weather. Thanks to cold resistance down to -10°C, you can even use it for mid-winter outdoor shooting.

Distribution of seals
Note: Battery performance will deteriorate as the temperature at the shooting location falls. For shooting in cold locations, we advise carrying spare batteries, and keep them warm by storing them in a warm spot of your outfit.

WR/AW-series lenses** for all-weather, all-location shooting

Newly added to the WR series, the DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6AL WR and DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6ED WR lenses feature a simplified weather-resistant construction to repel a light splash of water. A selection of the DA AW series featuring a more rugged weather-resistant, dustproof construction is also available. By coupling the K-50 with any of these lenses, you can create a highly dependable, all-weather digital imaging system.

SmC PENTAX -DA L18-55mm F3.5-5.6AL WR

SmC PENTAX -DA L50-200mm F4-5.6ED WR

Dual power supply to prevent battery shortages

In addition to the standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the K-50 can also be powered by four AA-size batteries using the optional battery holder. Even when the standard battery runs out of charge, you can easily replace it with easy-to-obtain AA-size batteries and resume shooting without any delay.

AA-size batteries
(with optional D-BH109 Battery Holder)

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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