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The K-50 Provides a Range of Creative Tools for Personalized Expressions

Digital filters for easy image modifications

A digital filter can change the tone or gradation of your image to give it a more striking impression. You can choose one of seven filters during shooting, or apply one of 19 filters later to a recorded image. You can experiment with different filters until you find the desired visual effect. You can even apply multiple filters to a single image, or fine-tune the parameters of a specific filter to explore your own creative possibilities.

Water Color


Recording of Full HD and interval movies,
with a choice of creative tools

The K-50 captures beautiful Full HD movie clips (at 30 frames per second, in MPEG-4 format). You can add various visual effects using custom images and digital filters, and also remove unwanted segments using simple-to-use editing tools. The K-50 also provides the interval movie mode, which captures a series of movie clips at a fixed interval, then edits them into a single movie (in Motion JPEG). This mode lets you dramatize familiar, everyday events, such as the blossoming of a flower, by compressing the progress of the event into a shorter timeframe.

Note: The camera’s shake reduction mode is switched to digital movie SR during movie recording.

Flexible Live-View shooting, with easy tracking
of the subject on the LCD monitor

Low-and high-angle shooting is often a troublesome task with the optical viewfinder. The K-50’s Live-View mode, however, makes it easier and more comfortable for you, since it lets you angle the camera more freely. It also allows you to more accurately visualize the final image (such as brightness and tone) on the LCD monitor. You can even take advantage of such handy tools as the Face Recognition AF mode and a grid display during Live-View shooting.

Note: Simulated image.

Multiple exposure for easy composition of
dramatic images

You can tell a fascinating story simply by combining several scenes in a single image. The K-50 lets you compose a single picture from as many as nine separate images. During Live-View shooting, you can even check an existing composite image on the LCD monitor when framing the next image, for easy composition of the entire image.

HDR Shooting to prevent pitch-black shadows and whitewashed highlights

The K-50’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode works effectively in high-contrast scenes, as it captures three images at different exposure levels (normal, over and under), then selects the ideally exposed areas from these images to produce one extra-wide-gradation composite picture free of excessive shadows and highlights. With this mode, you can create an image with a gradation similar to human vision, or add a dynamic, artistic expression with exaggerated contrast.

HDR image

Normal image

Note: The HDR mode is available only in JPEG recording format. This mode is not selectable during RAW+ shooting.

In-body RAW development and buffer RAW filing for flexible post-recording image development and storage

Since the K-50 offers in-body, computer-free development of RAW-format files, you can create the most satisfying image by choosing the desired custom image or adjusting white-balance settings. It also has a buffer RAW filing function that stores the last-captured JPEG-format image as RAW-format data, allowing you to make desired adjustments after shooting, without compromising image quality.

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