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Limited to 2,000 sets

Urban Leather Set

The set includes the GR II plus specially produced accessories.

Japan set content : GR Ⅱ / Leather Wrapping Case / Leather Hand Strap with Buckle/ Original green ring

Sold out

  • Leather Wrapping Case

    Matched to the GR worldview, this simple case uses supple, high-durability, and high-class horse leather material. It is perfect for everyday carrying since the soft, thin, and unlined leather enables case and camera to slide into your pocket.

  • Leather Hand Strap with Buckle

    Like the wrapping case, the hand strap makes extravagant use of high-class horse leather. Featuring superior fit and design, the stainless steely buckle resembles those used on watch straps. Of course, the strap length can be adjusted to fit your arm.

  • Original green ring

    This limited-availability accessory dresses up the GR II by adding some stylish color around the lens.

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