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K-mount Lenses

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  • APS-C
  • Single Focus

Super telephoto lens with a dust-resistant and drip-proof construction that uses a new multicoating and astrometric telescope-type optical system for providing superior imaging of distant subjects

This is a super telephoto lens that has a focal length equivalent to 859mm in the 35mm film format.
The new high-performance multicoating "HD Coating" and astrometric telescope-type optical system are used to enable sharp, crystal-clear images of distant subjects.

Digital SLRs only DC Dust and Weather resistant Quick-Shift Focus SP Coating HD Coating Round Iris Diaphragm Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass C-PL filter

Hood Built-in, Case Included, Dedicated Cap
JAN-Code / 4549212 218408

Sample Images

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F11, Shutter speed 1/1000sec, Focal length 560mm

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F8.0, Shutter speed 1/1250sec, Focal length 560mm

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F6.3, Shutter speed 1/640sec, Focal length 560mm

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F8.0, Shutter speed 1/1250sec, Focal length 560mm

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F8.0, Shutter speed 1/800sec, Focal length 560mm

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F11, Shutter speed 1/250sec, Focal length 560mm

  • Photo by Yoshiaki Kobayashi

    Aperture F5.6, Shutter speed 1/320sec, Focal length 560mm

Features / Specifications

Superior distant view catching performance
An astronomical-type optical system with few lenses is used for enabling sharp, crystal-clear images particularly for photography of distant subjects. The optical system uses two ED (extra-low dispersion) glass lenses for correcting chromatic aberration and providing sufficient lighting for the edges and high resolution performance.
New "HD Coating" (Note 1)
A new high-performance multicoating "HD Coating" (Note 1) is used. This coating has less reflection and higher transmissivity than conventional coatings for providing sharp, crystal-clear images with reduced ghosting and flare even under backlighting and other adverse lighting conditions. Note 1: "HD" is abbreviation for High Definition. Definition = Transparency, detail, resolution, imaging performance
Dust-resistant and drip-proof construction (AW)
The lens barrel has been sealed in 29 locations for enabling a dust-resistant and drip-proof "AW (All Weather)" construction that prevents the entry of water and dust into the lens.
New design expressing the spirit of the HD series
The lens outside is a white color for a sense of presence and preventing heat haze from occurring inside the lens barrel under hot, sunny conditions. The strap mounting fixture uses a machined stainless steel material for providing a sense of elegance. The red alumite ring in the center of the lens barrel is the distinctive symbol of the HD series.
Enables use of C-PL (circular polarized light) filter
The lens body includes a detachable "filter mounting frame". When the supplied C-PL filter (40.5mm size, specifically for this lens) is attached, an operation ring can be installed for enabling rotation from the outside for enabling easy adjustment of polarizing effects.
Internal lens motor for smooth AF
The autofocus uses an internal lens AF motor (DC motor) for smooth driving action.
Quick-Shift Focus System
After focusing by AF, manual focus operation is possible without any switching operation.
SP (super protect) coating
A SP (super protect) coating is used for protecting the lens front surface from water and dirt and allowing any adhering dirt and oils to be easily removed.
Round iris diaphragm (Open to F11)
This lens uses a round iris diaphragm for reducing the beam of light when shooting point light sources and for enabling representation of round out-of-focus (bokeh) effect.
Type Super Telephoto
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format) 560mm(859mm)
Maximum aperture F5.6
Minimum aperture F45
Angle of View 2.9°
Lens construction 7 elements / 6 groups
No. of diaphragm blades 9
Closest focusing distance 5.6m
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.10x
Filter size 112mm
Diameter x length 130.3 x 521.7 mm
Weight 3,040g

Compatible converters (Click here for details)


Phase-matching: △  Contrast-detection: 〇

As for Phase -matching AF, it would not come into focus.
*When mounted, this converter closes down the lens’s maximum aperture by one stop.

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