About Focus Function

Autofocus is activated when combined with a camera that has an autofocus function.

= Autofocus driven by the supersonic motor in lens body
= Autofocus driven by the DC motor in lens body
= Autofocus driven by the pulse motor (stepping motor) in lens body
Body AF
= Autofocus using the motor in the camera body

*The autofocus on a body AF lens operates when paired with a camera equipped with an autofocus function. When paired with a camera that does not have an autofocus function, it can be used with as a manual focus lens.

*AF-compatible models for SDM, DC, PLM lens drive: K-1 Mark II/K-1/K-3 Mark III/K-3II/K-3/KP/KF/K-70/K-S2/K-S1/K-50/K-30/K-5 II/K-5IIs/K-5/K-01/K-7/K-r/K-x/K-m/K20D/K200D/K10D FW Ver.1.30/K100D Super

Focus Control System

Power focus
= The amount of rotation of the distance ring is detected, and the motor in the lens barrel is operated using an electrical signal.
Since there is little backlash, high-precision manual focusing can be done. When the power is off, the focus does not work.