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HD PENTAX-DA 40mmF2.8 Limited

  • APS-C
  • Single Focus
  • HD PENTAX DA Limited

This is a super lightweight thin pancake lens uses the latest HD coating and a round iris diaphragm and features a weight of 89g and length of only 15mm.

This is a super lightweight thin pancake lens with a weight of 89g and length of only 15mm. Its mobility and handling makes it ideal for snapshots. The angle of view is equivalent to the medium telephoto range, and it is capable of capturing the desired subject with a suitable sense of distance.

Digital SLRs only Body AF Quick-Shift Focus SP Coating Round Iris Diaphragm


Dedicated Case / Dedicated Hood MH-RE49 / Dedicated Cap Included
JAN-Code / 4549212 273605

Silver Discontinued

Dedicated Case / Dedicated Hood MH-RE49 / Dedicated Cap Included
JAN-Code / 4549212 273629

Features / Specifications

New HD coating
This lens uses a new-generation multicoating that reduces the reflection rate in the visible spectrum up to 50% more than conventional multicoating. This enables the reduction of flare and ghosting for the shooting of clear, high-contrast images even under backlighting and other adverse conditions.
New round iris diaphragm
A round iris diaphragm is used to enable rendering of soft round out-of-focus (bokeh) effect for illumination, shimmering on water surfaces, and other point light sources.
Design developed specifically for digital SLR cameras
The image circle was designed to match the size of the imaging element (23.5mm×15.7mm) for providing a dramatically more compact and lightweight design with high cost performance compared to 35mm format SLR cameras with replaceable lens at the same specs.
Impressive delineation performance
The design is based on the numerical evaluation of high resolutions and low aberration by various testing instruments and also incorporates advanced evaluation using actual images. The result is a certain "lens flavor" that carries on the concept of the PENTAX Limited series and that enables you to enjoy impressive rendering of your digital images.
Various types of shooting as a regular-use lens
This lens provides a focal length equivalent to 61mm in the 35mm film format when attached to a PENTAX digital SLR camera. The open F value of 2.8 allows shooting of snapshots and also portraits, indoors, landscapes, and a wide range of other subjects. This lens enables comfortable shooting with easy footwork and is ideal as a regular-use lens for people who normally walk around with their camera.
Type Normal
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format) 40mm(61mm)
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F22
Angle of View 39°
Lens construction 5 elements / 4 groups
No. of diaphragm blades 9
Closest focusing distance 0.4m
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.13x
Filter size 30.5mm or 49mm
Diameter x length 63 x 15 mm
Weight 89g

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